Red + Fuchsia = Clash or Cool?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

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I first saw the color combination in Ashley's ensemble (Or is she Mary Kate? Haha). I totally fell in love with the clash of strong colors--though some comments were not in favor of this combo, even calling it "hideous", but I think it's pure statement! :D

Individually, I totally love these hot striking hues for my accessories. Although my favorite color is yellow, I am geared towards red and hot pink when buying accents like belts, bracelets, or bags, and even for my phone and wallet! Anyway, here's my take on the merge of colors:

Hot Pink Cover Up (thrifted), Gray Shirt (Bench), my fave Floral Shorts (Thrifted/DIY), Clogs (Born), Black XL Bag (SM)
Bowler Hat, Cross Necklace, Red Belt, Red Beads Bracelets (Anagon)
I love my current cement nail color! Its label actually says DIAMOND GAY! :D A bottle is for only 20 bucks from Caress! :) Also, meet my new over-sized basic black bag (with nice texture!), from SM! I swore to my self-made anti-heavy bags campaign, but my lifestyle wouldn't permit this yet. *sigh* 

Worn on my Saturday Movie Club with Ana (haha) in Greenbelt. We weren't expecting any new movies this week (watched Going the Distance, Despicable Me, Resident Evil, and even the local film Sayo Lamang) and maybe just go on food trip, or even repeat Despicable Me. So it was a nice surprise that they're showing Step Up 3 again--the movie we missed out on it's regular showing dates because it was just on 3D and we were cheapo, haha!

Anyway, I really really enjoyed it! :p I love how they groove, especially Moose in the park scene with the bubbles and balloons, and with his best friend (with the song blasting from the ice cream van), and my favorite: the "water" scene! Made me wish I was a dancer, hehe!

You know I know hoooow...
Current LSS! Flo Rida was in the local noontime show ASAP awhile ago and performed this! ;) Nakakaindak! Haha!

Anyway, I really really hope they'll show new movies next week! ;P 


  1. I love your take on the pink and red thing :) I actually like yours better than Mary kate or Ashley.. Hope I don't offend her. yikes!=p And the cement colored polish is love! I wanna try that out! (lumabas ang atat sa polish!) perfect match with your bag, btw!:)

  2. honestly, i don't like Ashley's outfit. there's something wrong with the proportions. but fuchsia and red can look good if done in color blocks or prints (at least that's what i think). i love your take on the red+color combo though. I think it's better to let one solid color stand out (like your jacket) and just add other colors for accents (like your belt).


  3. Wait! :D Can I just say, naflatter naman ako! :)) Hahaha! I love the Olsen twins forevah! :))
    Grabe our addiction with nail colors, ava! <3 I also like the Chanel na you and Abbie were twitting about before! :p

  4. Kookie! :)) May nagsabi pa sa comments sa photo source mismo, she looks like a troll hahaha! Theyre always over the top! :D Thank you for appreciating my red-pink take, though! :)) I really love your style, i learn alot from your blog ;)))

  5. I love the color combination on you! :D you rocked it more than mary-kate (or ashley). :)

    i really don't like the outfit on mary-kate (?). Probably if the skirt was shorter it would look better since the length and texture of the skirt make her hips look bigger. Or she should have placed a belt somewhere there because the colors cut her off right down the middle, making her look small. Haha I don't know. :)

    and yes, step up 3 was awesome. I love the tandem dance around the neighborhood. :D so cute especially when they carried the paintings while dancing. haha

  6. Hahah it's nice to read comments that I did the color-combi better than an olsen hahaha thank you! :D

    Super cute nga nun neighborhood dance!!! :) Si geo super adik din with the film! :D Want to enroll in a dance class right after watching it haha!

  7. I don't like Ashley's (or Mary Kate's?) outfit but I find the merging of both bold colors okay. Just saying. :)

  8. Hihi! :D I guess it is the color combi, not the outfit, that caught my attention ;D Nobody seems to like the olsen's take! :D Haha! :DD


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