Food Trip: Santorini Korean Restaurant (near UST)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vany ordered from my online shop weeks ago, and we decided to turn our meet-up into a little Korean food trip by visiting Santorini, a Korean restaurant near UST. The little food nook is located in P. Noval Street, and although a Thomasian, I wasn't really familiar with the resto. Maybe because we AB Students opt to stay in the nearby Dapits? Hehe.

With Vany, an Architecture graduate in UST! =)

It was exciting to enter a place filled with young college students, whom I noticed were all facing just one direction: The TV. The whole time, they only showed pure K-Pop: Concerts, shows, music videos, and I even caught Sandara Park hosting what seems like their own version of ASAP. Some of the girls weren't even touching their food, instead, dancing to the cutesy steps of featured girl bands.

K-Pop Overload!
Walls covered with posters of K-Pop bands, Korean shows, and a bulletin board for everyone's fan-arts and shout-outs.

Chamchii - P100
The Chamchii is definitely a cheap-thrill! At P100, they served us 14 pieces of the delicious tuna maki. 
Even after removing the sausage and tuna, I still enjoyed the roll of rice, egg, cucumber, and mango. 

Bibimbap - P150
My superduper spicy bowl of veggies, egg, and rice. I had the beef removed, so I enjoyed the dish and its sticky rice! 

Vany and her own meal. I forgot what she ordered, haha, but she said it's also super-spicy-hot, and also for P150 only!

Free Kimchi!
I always love these free vegetable side dishes in Korean restos. They're so tasty and matches with my main order. :)

I just love eating on restaurants or eateries near schools, since their rates are student friendly. For a budget of P150, you will leave the place with a full tummy! A hundred bucks might be too much already for a student's budget/allowance, but Santorini's serving size is HUGE, an order is meant for sharing. 

The place was packed the whole duration of our stay, though, especially of fangirls who weren't planning to leave the place without seeing their favorite artist/s. We had to share tables with other people, until a group left already. I can also see through the glass doors that more people were waiting for their turn to have a seat inside. I guess lots of Pinoys do love K-Pop!

Thanks for the Korean talks and for introducing me to this resto, Vany! :) 

Some trivia from Vany: 
1) She noticed in the telenovelas that Koreans eat ice cream after their meals. Must be because of their fondness for spicy dishes? :D 
2) Santorini's cook is pure Korean. Then this might just be the closest I can get to eating authentic Korean food, while a trip to the country is still impossible, budget-wise (hehe). 

Anyway, there are still so much to try from their their menu that offers a wide array of Korean Cuisine: like the classic ramen and the Korean pancake. Maybe next time! :) 


  1. Nice review ^_^ love reasonably-priced food.

  2. yummy food Ana!were is this restaurant? I am so near UST and Dapitan. :)

  3. Thanks Lynx! :) Me too, from time to time, it's nice to tryout a new place! :) <3

  4. Denise!! :) It's in P. Noval Street, side of UST, almost near Espana! :) Where ka sa Dapitan? :D Ako naman I graduated in UST! :))

  5. Wow. Its been a long time since I visited USTe. Around 2 years ago na ata when I claimed my year book. LOl.
    I should go back soon and explore :)

  6. So much to do and explore sa "new" ust! :) Cant wait narin for our 400 years Nori :))

  7. Santorini!! Just beautiful!


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