Jennifer Aniston Hair

Monday, October 18, 2010

I will never forget Rachel Green's hair on the coolest sitcom ever, FRIENDS! I'd say, she has the hair that launched a thousand ships. Haha!

Jen's hair has body and layers, while mine, though also straight, can go either limp or frizzy. Most probably my subconscious reason for wearing a hat in past events! Saves me from bad hair days! :P 

photo from Krissy, Accessorize event

All thanks to the L'Oreal Black and White event I attended almost a week ago, they gave the bloggers L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Night Essence and Daily Rinse Treatment!

Thought Balloon: Interesting product..

A new addition to my nightly regimen.

Night Essence (P355 for 150ml bottle) and Daily Rinse Treatment (P240 for 240g)

I used both products for the past days, and when I finally had the chance to go out and let my hair down, I went hat-less on a dinner date with my barx (high school friends) last night:

Coffee Bean with Ana and Alli
Met up hours before dinner to talk about our SG trip, which is BTW barely a month to go! :P

Photo Booth, c/o Alli's Macbook.
Also surfed the internet on Singapore activities,
and showed off my blogger events to my friends, haha.

Ana's cute caramel coffee! (I can pretend it's mine, though ;))

Chilis Dinner!
Geo, Alli, Mona, Ana, Jopo, BB Chicks, Tamems, Tep, Me, and Reg!


I love it that we can still hangout despite everyone's busy schedules. Though I hope we can have more of this, and more often, like every week perhaps? :) I always enjoy an eat-out/kwentuhan night with my barkada! And oh! In the middle of our updating and laughtrips, Alli said "Anagon effective yung L'Oreal mo! Ganda daw ng buhok mo." Haha! (told her about the freebies during our internet-ing earlier). 

So happy with the L'Oreal Total Repair 5's effect on my hair! I've been using them for barely a week, and the results are already evident! I will definitely buy the shampoo (P139 for 180ml bottle), mask (P250) and conditioner (P165). :)

White Loose Dress (Julia)
Fringe Necklace (Anagon)
Loafers (Aerosoles)
Soft Bag (Gift from Geo)


  1. L'Oreal is love!:) hehe i haven't tried the night treatment though? i must now! hehe. I love your outfit ana :) cute!

  2. Hehehe! :D Super love! :) Thanks Ava! :) I was supposed to wear long skirt and nakatuck lang yun white top/dress, but it didnt matched the shoes i bought pala :D Hahahah! :))

  3. Sweet, I love your outfit here sis! And wow, ang nice nga ng effect sa hair mo :)

    And! Yun sister ni Geo, sya yun model mo rin before di ba? Ohmygosh she's grown up na! I feel so old XD

  4. Thank you sis!! :D Yes siya nga yun!! :D Ang bilis noh, college na siya!!! :))

  5. Hey there, Ana! How are you? I like your post. Made me wanna try L'oreal too :P

    Hope to see you soon!

  6. Thank you Sai! :)) I'm ok, busy effect! Hehe! Hope to see you too soon! :)


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