The Feast: On The Storm

Monday, October 18, 2010

 The Feast is ready to begin!
Choir and Dancers welcomed everyone with their weekly routine of song and dance number.

 Our bulletin featured a photo from my blog entry for last Sunday's Feast!

 Our main preacher Brother Arun Gogna didn't climbed the stage in his usual entrance. Instead, he woke up under a sea of pillows and blankets in the middle of the stage! :)

I find it timely that last Sunday's Feast Alabang talk was on the storm, when all my social networking sites are currently bombarded with Bagyong Juan and on updates regarding the storm signal in Metro Manila. There's a popular story in the bible where Jesus invited His disciples to cross to the other side of the lake on a boat. Then in the middle of their water voyage, came a great storm that caused the disciples to panic, only to see that Jesus was still asleep. The disciples complained and were disappointed that Jesus seems to not care.

To keep this entry short, the story of the sailing boat taken by surprise by the great storm in the middle of it's journey to the other side resembles our own lives. Problems may occur even when Jesus is in your boat. Sometimes, when we are faced with debts, haters, heartaches, sickness and other problems: we start to lose our heads and focus on these instead of God. This is exactly the main goal of these problems: To lose your focus. "Who holds your awe holds your faith", do not be awed by the storm; instead, we can still worship God even when we're wet and soaked. Only my God will get my awe.

 The question is "Who is he who sleeps in the midst of the storm?"

 Trust God...

 ...The one who ordered the waves and the storm: "Peace, be still".
And then there was calm.

Join Him as He sleeps in the midst of the storm. 
For God has plans to get you to the other side. :)

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