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Monday, November 01, 2010

Last Saturday, we had the first bloggers event for 12 Baskets BakeshopSumilao Corn Coffee, and Anagon Collection! After Geo texted me barely a week ago to help her invite bloggers to her boyfriend Fred's bakeshop, I decided to make it more fancy and frilly by having a theme (Alice in Wonderland!)--because I know my blogger friends will love it!

My original costume! Haha! I came as the rabbit!
I had to remove my coat though coz we were set outdoors pala! :)
"Do not be late!"

Geo, a kabarkada since high school, agreed on picking me up in a mall so I don't have to commute all the way to San Juan with my 2 heavy bags filled with Anagon goodies for giveaways. Melai and I met in St. Francis Square at around 1pm, where we a nice solo time for a chat on business, styling stints, my sweet win on her blog giveaway (whoopie!!!), and on our lives before Geo arrived.

Once in the venue, we started to set-up! It was embarrassing that we were still in the middle of dressing the place, when a car parked in front of us and Arianne of A Plus B in the Sea hopped out with her cousins Claire and Cat! But Arianne was so nice, she even offered more than once if she can help us! Melai was also there to lend her hand. I have such sweet blog friends. <3

Arianne, Claire, Cat, and Me! :)

Our Wonderland inspired set-up:
Candies and fancy hair accessories for everyone :)

When more bloggers and friends arrived, we started with a kitchen tour:

Where the bloggers learned a little bit about the process of baking and even the bakeshop's "history":

We also saw the trained staff making the egg tarts they'll serve to us! ;)

Some bloggers also asked questions, and I felt so journalistic and wanted to come up with my own inquiries haha. One of the things brought up was how Fred came up with the brand name. 12 Baskets was actually from the bible verse: "Everyone ate and had enough. Then the disciples took up 12 BASKETS full of what was left over of the bread and fish. They fed five thousand." -Mark 6: 42-44

After the little kitchen tour, we went back outside and met other bloggers who just arrived, and had a little getting-to-know-you thing led by Geo. She also talked about her business: Sumilao Corn Coffee. 
(I asked to wear white, lent my tiny tiara, so she can be the White Queen! I also lent Fred a fedora, and he was the Mad Hatter for the day! Hehe!) 

My sister Kaka and her boyfriend Raffy, probably preparing for their turn hehe.

I also prepared the game "Trick or Treat", wherein I hid cards in the place mats, and the one who got the Queen of Hearts will win a loot bag. :)

..Melai won! :)

Then they served us pizzas and assorted 12 Baskets breads, yummy egg tarts, and blueberry cheesecake...

Then the quintessential bloggers event activity aside from chikahan: Photo Ops!

With Bianca of Bianca Loves Life!

Candy Mag's Asst. Lifestyle Editor, Marla! :)

With Raffy, Ate, and Ava's baby...cutie Athan! :)

Arianne, Ava, Bianca, Marla, Me, Melai, and Athan! :)

Fred with the 12 Baskets staff!

Guess the business! Hehehe!

Then we announced the Best Dressed! I asked Geo to choose para hindi bias, and she picked...
 Ms. Tim Burton! :D It was Melai's lucky day! :) Haha!

Everyone went home with their "picked" Anagon treats! :)
photo from ava

...Like ate's scary mask! :D Haha!

And then we had more chit chats before everyone had to go in time for the Philippine Fashion Week. :)

Again, thank you so much to everyone who came amidst your busy schedules! :) I really had a great afternoon with you!

From the bottom of my extra-cheesy heart, thank you so much and all the love from Anagon Collection! =) 

Do visit 12 Baskets Bakeshop! 
More info here:

Map from Smarla of Everyday Sweet Notes


  1. bread!!! ooooh! this is super near me lang. :) i'll drop by one of these days

  2. love your costume, ana!:) if i only didn't have to go to PFW i would have dressed to the frills! hehe Love 12 baskets!!

  3. i love spanish bread, my fave! <3 love your costume and nice theme too! :)


  4. Lloyda!!! Sayang you were near pala, sent you an invi online, you must have not received it! =/ Till next event, though! :))

    Ava hahaha thank you a! Although I wasnt really able to fully showcase my planned costume coz I cant stand the blazer hehe. I love your dress kaya, and i appreciate you coming! :))

    Mickey! :) Thank you so much! :)) Been working hard for this kahit short time lang preparations. :) Happy to hear your comment! :)


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