My Philippine Fashion Week Experience

Monday, November 01, 2010

I can't believe I had to eat my words right after saying "I think I am the only girl who will not go to the fashion week" in my Facebook, and blogging about not being fit for a stylist job.

Last Wednesday, Pax called me if I can assist her in another styling gig. Take note: for PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK! THE NEXT DAY! And although I can't help but go "rebel-without-a-cause" and not want to watch a PFW show this season, plus I was already planning to end my ambitions of being a stylist...Here's another opportunity, which is too once-in-a-blue-moon for me not to grab! I thought it would be an awesome experience no matter what, na kahit in the end hindi ko pa careerin ang styling!

Designer clothes for the show, plus my maleta filled with Anagon accessories! Hoping to have exposure in this big fashion event!

Went to SMX earlier than the styling team. Pax and Melai had to go to Accessorize GB5 to pullout more accessories. 

I was trying to come up with looks while waiting for my girls, when I met the interns for Ipanema. They're the nicest, they invited me for lunch, and then we even played around with my camera! :)

Mau's favorite of all the Ipanema slippers. Cute!

Backstage---Minutes before the show.
Finalizing what accessories and slippers to match the 50 different outfits from 50 different designers!
photo from argie

Pax and Anagon Collection accessories station :)
photo from argie

More accessories from Accessorize!
photo from argie

Pak! Pak! Pak!
Everything just happened before my eyes! Once the show started, there was no time to sit and relax! It was nerve racking, add the upbeat Brazilian music (they said the models were dancing on stage! :D). We helped the models change into their next set of swim-wear or cover up, accessorize them, and make sure they're ready for the ramp!

photo from argie

Almost over. Chatting with Melai backstage.

photo from argie

We stylists' assistants made it! :)

photo from argie

Racks almost empty, after the show...

Tired, but the trio still managed to smile. :) <3

We didn't receive the best treatment from SOME people behind the scenes, but because of their Devil Wears Prada ways, I more-than appreciate those who had shown even the smallest gratitude toward us. A newbie, unsure stylists' assistant, I am thankful to:

- Mau, Steven, and John, the PFW interns, for welcoming me in their group, while waiting for my company
- Accessorize, for accommodating us even with last-minute permission to pull-out their expensive items!!! Special thanks to Ms. Ayet and Ms. Cheenee!
- Sheena, a batchmate in St. Scho high school, who I saw while backstage. She is also a part of the PR team for Ipanema. It was nice to see someone I know! :)
- Aise and Cathz, again, it was comforting, in a way, to know someone who works inside the PFW
- Sir Dave Ocampo, one of the designers who actually ACKNOWLEDGED us. =) Before leaving, he even said he hoped to work with us again. <3
- Argie, Pax's stylist partner. He is a good stylist, but I appreciate that he doesn't act like he is the boss or something! :) It was the first time I met him, and he was super nice to us! :)
- And of course, Pax and Melai, my stylist duo, not only for this experience, but for laughing with me, all the kwentuhans before and after the show, all the hugs, appreciations, and assurances I got from both of you. Thank you!!!

Dressed to style! :) Comfort above all! :)

Again, I feel that I don't belong here. I am too "nice" for the tough high-fashion world. Even my one-maleta accessories were minimally used, to my disappointment. I even lost a scarf which my mom had for years, and nobody cared. But I know it was a memorable experience, a story to tell to my future kids, perhaps? :) Seeing the photos of the girls we styled, I felt that the pressures and heartaches (oh yes, there were lots!) ......

One of the models I personally styled. 
The girl with the lime flip flops. :)
(photo from Ipanema's Facebook)

.......I'd like to think that, maybe they are worth it.


  1. The blog contest I texted you about :)

    My friends in Kuwait saw your online shop but couldn't buy anything (coz they're not here), so I thought I'd be doing them a favor.. Hehe.. Thanks again for letting me use your photo. :)

  2. Wonderful experience! Parang talagang destiny mo na ang styling, Ate Ana.

  3. definitely worth it :) experience is a good blessing :) so proud of you, ana!! you're going far!!

  4. Honey! :) That's great :) Will reserve the fringe na for your blog contest! :)

    Jez thank you so much! Let's see where my "destiny" is actually heading at. ;) Hehe! Hoping for the best! :))

    Thanks Ava! Tama, just the experience, blessed nako. :) Thankful also that I have a friend like you :)

  5. Congrats Ana :) I love how you put everything together on that model (the one with the outfit you styled) So colorful and fun :P Good job

  6. Ai! :D Wow thank you!! I appreciate your comment! :))

    Honey no prob! ;) Good thing it's still available!! :D Message message nalang pag may winner na! ;)))


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