Ikea Crazy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

After our Dao Ming Su-SanChai moment on our night-time Little India escapade, we were actually greeted by this the next day:

Geo and I were just laughing our heads off, nang aasar lang noh? We were on our way to Ikea on our third day in SG, not knowing that going to this place will be the cause of our delayed schedule! Hahaha!

Fumafashionista Commuter photo ops pako dun, hehehe!

We took the shuttle to Ikea (I think it's for free :))

Entering the "happiest place on earth":

Welcomed by a grocery, with a wall that says:
Cool noh?

Went up through the escalators with the nice tables-wall design that I had to take Alli's portrait with them!

Decided to grab our lunch first!

We went crazy over the food selections!

Alli took TWO cakes!! :D

Pushed our filled trays with this cool three-layer cart!


After eating, we decided to stroll around the big place.

Too much cool things!!! :D "We were like kids in a toy store"--Cliche but true! 
Nagtatakbuhan kami from one section to another! :D

Alli and Geo's fancy black-and-wood living room:

My spacious work place:

Geo's Christmas-ready sala:

My modern dining area:

Classy wooden wares:

Star-spangled Pans:

Film-like Photo Frames:

Sturdy rainbow can openers:

Cool interior design ideas:

Huge paper bags with nice prints!

I even went wild for the sinulids!

Our loaded cart! :D

My purchase here actually caused my excess baggage issues going home! ;p

Bought Yam's tool box: (pabili niya via facebook! ;))

They even have a wrapping station to protect the mugs and plates I bought! :D


My friends and I agreed that we weren't even conscious of the price tags already, everything is so affordable, and even nice to give as gifts! We were only concerned with the weight of every item we're interested in! ;p Each section in Ikea is a must-stop, that we actually spent most of our day there, and just let go of our other supposed plans in Sentosa! :D

Bakit wala pang Ikea sa Pilipinas! :D

Quotable Quote: Dito palang makakabuo naku ng bahay e! - Alli, the stars-lover!

To Visit:
Ikea Singapore
317 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159965
Open daily: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Click for more info on getting there. 

PS: I borrowed my shorts kay Alli, kaya maikli! Hahaha, nabasa na sa Universal ang one and only shorts I brought for the trip! ;p Sana carry naman ang kaikliang shorts sa aking patatim! ;D


  1. Aww di na kami nakapunta ng Ikea, dumaan lang. Yung katapat nyang mall, yung Anchorpoint Mall daming mura dun, para siyang depot :)

  2. OMG! I love ikea and Ikea food! when I go to taiwan I always crave for their mini meatballs. So kyooot and goood! But wow SG has more food than Ikea taiwan hehe :) I wanna decorate athan's room with ikea stuff!

  3. Naku kami naman ang naubusan ng time for Anchorpoint Krissy! :D Super bitin talaga noh! :D

    Ava!! :D So there's Ikea din in Taiwan! :D Another reason to go there, weee!! And ang CUTE siguro nun, ikea-filled kid's room!!! :D

  4. Looks so fun! Especially IKEA. But I wouldn't have dared to buy anything. Once I start putting in things in the cart, I can't stop!!! HAHAHA

  5. HAHAHA!!! :D I know, ikaw pa raleene!!! :D Who is into furnitures and interior design!!!

  6. Anagon! I was suppppppper happy in IKEA too! Maiyak-iyak ako sa tuwa. haha Plus I play SIMS so it was really fun to see the life-size furniture! haha :)

  7. Maje! Cool hihihi! :D Ako personally hindi ko akalain maeenjoy ko sya!: D


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