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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'll take you on a tour around Rucksack Inn 2, our home for 4 days in Singapore! :)

As said in former SG posts, Singapore welcomed us with a downpour. So Alli and I opted to ride a cab from the airport going to our place. When we reached Hong Kong St., we saw the first Rucksack Inn (33-B) and knew our place is just nearby (38-A).

Since we're on a one-way street, we dropped off our cab and looked for our place while pulling around our luggages. Spell Hassle? 

True enough: There it is!

Rucksack Inn boasts of providing unique city backpacking in Singapore. On the contrary to what we think when we hear the words "inn" and "hostel", Rucksack is actually clean and safe--they even have an intercom system before you can enter the main door. It is an affordable place to stay-- and even convenient as we are walking distance to Little China and Clarke Quay: the MRT station, the house of the Reverse Bungee GX-5, and SG's nightlife! Nakatipid sa pamasahe!

More on the Rucksack Inns in their cute website!

Rucksack 2 actually just opened a week before our stay there. 

The only downside is climbing the stairs with our huge bags when entering the place!

Everybody leaves their shoes on labeled shoe racks (by room), or on the stairs. That's why the place is so clean!

Welcome to our room! CLOVE!

Rucksack Inn 2 actually provides 6 room options (prices indicated are per night per person, and converted on current rate - 33.5):
1) 10 Bed Female Dormitory - SGD32nett (P1072)
2) 10 Bed Mix Dormitory - SGD30nett (P1005)
3) Twin Room (bunk bed) - SGD75nett (P2512)
4) Triple Room - SGD120nett (P4020)
5) Quad Room - SGD140nett (4690)

We got the Quad Room since all triple rooms were already booked.

We decided to get the two cushions from the top bunks, and Geo laid them together on the floor! ;D

The top bunks became our storage area haha!


Going to the restroom:

I was actually doubtful booking here at first because even the private rooms have no restrooms. But only a few people were there during our stay, plus we all have different itineraries/schedules. So I guess that's why I never had a problem with wanting to use the CR but all cubicles are ocupado. Hehe.

Every floor has two (CLEAN!) shower rooms (both with shampoo and body wash provided) and three toilet cubicles. Good ventilation system - just have to say. Hehe.

Now let's go to the common room: aka the lobby / entertainment room / pantry:

I have no good picture of the dining area, but we often eat here for breakfast/dinner:

Free flowing coffee / tea / water / breads + peanut butter/jelly/butter! Saved us from buying pricey bottled waters! 
Clean as you go! We washed our own plates, mugs, and utensils. Take note: All IKEA! :D

When my phone broke down and I can't maximize the free wifi in the whole hostel, I just go down here and use their free-for-all computers. :)

Can't last a day without checking my social networking sites. Haha.

I also met Ate--a Pinay who works in Rucksack Inn! I love talking to her just because hearing Tagalog after a long day of chopchop-English just feels like home. Haha!

Never really watched the TV during our stay there. But Geo said they also have a DVD player and LOTS OF PIRATED DVDs! ;D

Heard that in Rucksack Inn (the original), you can even play PS2, Wii, and Guitar Hero! ;p But a nice place to lounge around with other guests is already cool.

By the library:

With Ayu!

I will definitely recommend Rucksack Inn to everyone who will go on a trip to Singapore. But I guess mas sulit if you get the dorm-type rooms, especially if you'll go there as a big group. The only perks we got aside from having the room to ourselves (luggage safety) is our own cable TV and towels! We don't really watch the TV when we're abroad, and you can always bring your own towels! :) 

Also, book in advance! We paid a hefty cost for booking late and not getting a triple room. But I love the friendly Rucksackers! You'll never know if it's the quiet Malaysian couple or the huge European barkada you'll be having breakfast with today. ;-)

Visit Rucksack Inn's Website for more info!
Reservations are made via their email, which can be found in their website. 
They only accept cash payments so we paid for our rooms when we got there.


  1. niiiice! :) sulit yung place. there's DVD and computers pa. It's a good thing you were able to bring Geo with you. She needs a break from work. :)

  2. I love love love Ikea too!! I super miss it already. The hostel looks very nice! Exactly like those in Europe we've been to - even nicer nga that one eh!

    I love all your SG photos - it's like I'm living vicariously in SG through them :)

    Youre vegan pala? :) Read in your other entry!

  3. Sobrang it was great having Geo around! :)) Sulit nga yun place if iisipin yun other expenses and yung "homey feel" na wala sa hotel :D heehee!

  4. Ako rin Sharina! :D Love at first sight pala talaga yang ikea, i was wondering before what's up with all the fuss haha :D Wow cool Euro tour! :D Someday..sigh hehe :) And yes, more of a vegetarian :)) I still eat eggs and dairy products..but no meat/seafoods/etc! :)

  5. Ang cool ng lounge! Uso din pala pirated DVDs sa SG. :))

    Please click:


  6. Hahaha benta yun pirated dvds noh, akala ko naman strict kanila! ;D Yehey thanks for the award sis!! :)


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