Soaked in Singapore: Day 2

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As told in my first post, it was raining when we first set foot in Singapore. It was also raining when we left. Daim, it was even raining when Geo and I watched Songs of the Sea! :D It wasn't that bad though, this actually made our trip more memorable! Here's how we drenched ourselves in Singapore on our DAY 2: literally and figuratively!

1) We rode the MRT countless of times:

You have never really experienced SG without COMMUTING!

Alli and Geo! I only followed them throughout our rides! Except on our last day!

2. We spent more than a day in Sentosa and Resorts World!
Half day is not enough!

3. We took photos with the Universal globe!
Don't forget to take both solo and group pictures! Too classic to miss out!

4. Booked our Universal Studios Ticket online--And availed the express pass!
The express pass might cost a lot...But it was actually sulit! 
We were able to catch ALL shows and rides we want, without lining up!

Diredirecho lang! To the Steven Spielberg attraction Lights, Camera, Action!

Feeling like bratty kids who always get their way: we were first to go in all the rides, such as the Canopy Flyer!

Kung hindi ka lang sarado, uulit-ulitin ka namin ni Alli!!!

One of my favorite shows: Waterworld!

Na may laughtrip basaan nung start!

And super cool action and effects during the show!

5. Drop by the Hershey's Store!

Go crazy over chocolates!

And the cutest chocolate merchandise!!!

6. Take photos with characters you bump into!
With chika Betty Boop!

I like to move it move it!

With Po!



Hug Woody Woodpecker!

...and take pictures even with the "stars"!

7. Do not let the BV spoil the fun.

The ride where my cellphone got soaked:

Sa sobrang madali, we didn't have time to think how we can protect our gadgets. =p
Not only my phone, but my whole bag, my new shoes, my hat, my passport, EVERYTHING got wet! I was testing my cam when I took this pic. 

After ko umiyak (because I'm a crybaby, haha!), I changed my top (see-through na yung polo ko haha), let things go, and enjoyed our last minutes in Universal Studios!
Still managed to smile, even in my pambahay. ;) Hehe!
Kailangan lang talaga may "souvenir"! :P

8. Eat authentic dishes! :D
We had our merienda in Vivo Mall's Food Republic. Oo teh, curry at kanin ang merienda ko hahaha!

Milk tea #2: in the food court.

Milk tea #3: Convenience store, Bottled.

9. Explore the different stations!

No time to waste, Geo and I went out that night instead of resting in our inn. We decided to stop over Little India, while Alli visited some relatives.

Totally unfamiliar grounds...We walked and asked around for the 24 hours Mustafa mall.

Where we enjoyed grocery shopping! 

I love grocery shopping! Ang mommy-mode ko nito! Pati sa porma! Hahaha!

10. Missed the last train going back to our place!!!

Geo asked around for alternative rides, like the bus!

Ang habang lakarin going to the bus stop!!! When we neared the stop, our bus was already moving! So tumakbo kaming dalawa running after Bus 147! Nag mala Dao Ming Su-SanChai moment kami dun, swear naririnig ko yun Broken Vow habang tumatakbo. Hahaha! 

That time, we were so scared because it was already past 12 midnight! Good thing we met a nice Indian guy who was with his daughter. He assisted us with the other alternative routes, although we ended up taking the cab anyway! ;p

I loved the day 2 of our Singapore trip, even after breaking my phone. I wasn't sure what lessons He wanted to give me because of that incident, Do not be reckless? Do not be too nice? To focus more on what is in front of me, and not what is home because that can wait? Naka roaming kasi ako non, first time to bring my phone on an out-of-town trip just to use the wifi in our hotel.

All soaked: Red Hat (Anagon), White Polo (Landmark), Denim Shorts (Gap), Brown Fringe Bag (HK), HiCut (Cotton On)

But whatever that lesson is, nothing beats getting Lost in Translation WITH FRIENDS. Adventure narin mabasa ang phone, mawala, humabol ng bus, kumausap ng strangers who can't even understand you! :D Sa huli, ang nasabi ko nalang ay: "Keber! Waley lang. Carrybelles nato, pagoda istreet nako! Anong Aesops' Fable dito?" HAHAHAHA! :D


  1. Love seeing your photos ^_^ I once lived in SG and I sure miss taking the bus (so efficient!)to work. Anyway, keep posting more photos!

  2. Parang napagod at nag enjoy din ako sa pagbasa ng entry na 'to! :)) Thank you for touring us, too!

    At benta ang Pagoda Street! Sana meron din dito nyan! Lol

  3. Looks like you really had fun with your SG trip kahit na "wet look" na. HAHA. Sa Rapids Aventure po ba 'yong kailangan pang bumili ng raincoat? Were you able to ride the Mummy Returns ride? Pansin ko lang, savior ang mga Indians ng mga Pinoy tourists. Indian din kasi nagturo sa amin ng direction when we got lost in HK. BTW, the earphones at the Hershey's store are adorable! :)

  4. That's so cool! :D Wish I could live din in SG even for just a month or two! :) I do love the commuting system there!! :D

  5. Ishna!!! :) Thank you for appreciating, it's so hard to compose a travel blog without boring people hehehe, thank God you enjoyed it in a way, kahit pagoda na itetch ;) hehehe!!!

    Nadine!!! HAhaha pambihirang jurassic yan, yup dun nga yun! :D Yes super love namin yun mummy returns na ride! :D reminded me of space mountain ba yun, sa hk disneyland! :D Hahaha

  6. ANA!! super nice photos! the more i want to go to SG! Sorry about your phone :(

    Ang cute nung hershey store!! the earphones and cute USB!! waah! i wanna go there!! Ang cute niyo nila GEO! I wanna experience water world! ANd so true,,kahit lost..basta with friends..masaya yan!:)

    the train in SG is like taiwan! my door before the door! hehe cute outfit, ana!!

  7. Thank you so much Ava sa pakikiramay! :D Hehe! The phone worked na, but pangit na forever yun screen nya, but di nako magrereklamo hehe! :)

    Super cool ng universal/hershey's store no?!! Mamamatay ka din pag nakatapak ka dun, nakakaloka! :D

    I hope I can go to taiwan too! May ala universal din ba dun na theme park or even bungy/zipline adventures place!!?? :D

  8. kahit madaming mishaps mukhang masaya naman eh!!!:) open na lahat ng rides sa universal? i wanna goooooooooooo. lol.

  9. Super saya parin! :) Hindi ko na pinaapekto sarili ko sa bv!! :D Hehehe! PAX!! Almost open na lahat, except yun killer roller coaster nilaaaa!!! :D Masaya siguro yun noh bloggers sa isang trip, tayo nila melai! :D Ang fashown natin siguro non! :D Hahaha!!!

  10. AWWW nakakamiss talaga! Super love Hershey's Chocolate World! And nakita nyo un Candylicious sis?? And we ate din sa Food Republic sa Vivo City!

    Ung Mustafa naman napuntahan ko five years ago! Haha aww gusto ko ma bumalik ulit!!

  11. Yes sis! :D Dun namin nakita yung Violet Crumble na wala na dito sa pinas!! Hahahaha! Ako rin super nabitin!! :P Ipon uli! :))) Project SG ver.2! Haha!

  12. Anagon! dapat nilagay niyo sa locker un gamit niyo hehe. Malas din kami non haha, lahat ng kasabay namin naka raincoat etc...pero HINDI SILA NABASA! hahahah. Thank God di malamig sa SG, coz we were soaking wet. After that, we went to the Merlion pa nga eh kahit basa kami haha

  13. Maje: Hahaha kami din ganyan, medyo lang sila bumili pa ng clear plastics hindi naman nabasa splash lang haahah...Ikaw talaga o syemps alam kong may locker pero wala e matigas ang ulo hahaha! :D


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