Childhood Heroes

Friday, December 03, 2010

Oh God, how I love to log in my Face Book account right now. It's so nice to open and see who my new cartoon friends are! :D 

There's Tink, Marvin the Martian, Card Captor Sakura, Daria, the Trolls, Mary Poppins, Johnny Bravo, and some anime girlies.

To date, Sailor Moon just posted on my wall that she's back in FB:

A Care Bear inquired about my products:

And then Batman and Hello Kitty helped me with my tech-challenged moment with FB!

I actually chose Funny Komiks to represent my childhood. 

Planet Opdi Eyps, represent!!!

I remember that my dad will always get us a copy of this thin local comics in a nearby newstand. Adik ako dito! My sisters and I enjoyed the stories of Eklok and the gang, and Cea and I even sent our drawings and got published in its fan page. Yun ata first published work ko! =D Haha!

What this "craze" is all about, as posted by Speedy Gonzalez:

Although confusing (hehe), the FB craze also flooded me with childhood memories--the good times! Here are the runners up for my profile photo of choice, if only I can change every day without being annoying, hehehe...

Sweet Valley!
 The coolest blonde twins! I actually owe Jessica and Elizabeth my addiction to reading. :) Hehe! But then, they aren't cartoons sooo...

Love love love these horror books!!! Especially the "Choose a scare" editions! I even borrow RL Stine from our library! :D

An American Tail!
 The heartbreaking cartoon movie! My sister and I even sang the movie's theme song Somewhere Out There in our family reunions! Kumpleto mic at minus one, at manila paper na may lyrics na hawak ni Yaya Betty! :D Hahaha!

Land Before Time!
 Another Tear Jerker! Lalo pag ayan na sa background music ang "Don't lose your waaay..In each passing daaaay"... Iiyak na kami magkakapatid! Hehehe!

All Dogs Go to Heaven!
A classic favorite! Especially to us Gonzaleses, a family of dog lovers! :)

Doogie Howser M.D.!
Before there was Barney Stinson!
I love nighttime TV when I was a kid! My sisters and I will watch X-Men, Baywatch (haha!), and Doogie Howser--the boy who "blogs"!

Lion King and Peter Pan
Definitely my top favorite Disney cartoons! Lion King made me cry, and I'll always want to go to Neverland with Peter! <3

ABS-CBN Cartoons!
 Remi, Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, the Trapp Family Singers, Peter Pan, Julio at Julia, Ang Munting Pangarap ni Romeo, Cedie and Sarah, Cinderella---they all made my childhood afternoon TV time so much fun!:D I actually miss these series!!! And their unforgettable theme songs!!!

Aking inaaa mahal kong inaaaa!
Ngunit hanggang kailan, -gang kailan kaya mananatiling panaginip?


Super dami pa!!! Just curious: tell me what character you chose for your profile photo! :)

Yey to good childhood memories! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Peter, Romeo, Cinderella, Arnold and Helga, Barbie and Polly, Tom and Huck, and all the other cartoons I enjoyed in my youth! May all the children in the world be blessed with the same wonderful and heart-filled experiences and characters we had...making things worth remembering like what we're actually doing now. :,-)


  1. Yey to Childhood Heroes! Facebook is now colorful than before. Nasali pa ko sa naprintscreen- Daria. hehe.:))

  2. AWWW i love an american tail!! super cute nun :D

  3. i loved the ABS-CBN cartoons too! haha!!! i remember ang gasgas na princess sarah pa nga eh. Haha!

  4. The funny thing about this trend in FB is that I could guess the people's ages (well, generally) through the profile photos. I'm using Sailor Uranus myself. Alam ko kung sino ang ka-henerasyon ko. Hahahaha!

  5. Rosette! Hahahah! Ikaw pala si Daria ha! ;) Hehehe! Oo nga super colorful na ang FB hehehe! :D At least nabuhayan siya uli!! :)))

    Ava!!! Super favorite din namin yun ni ate! :D Tagos hehe!

    Jonessa!!! :) Ang cute nga princess sarah kahit pinaulit ulit na nila kasi hit, may movie remake pa si camille pratts hehehe!

    Skysnshi! :D Tamaa! Napaghahalataan ang may edad at mga kabatch hihihi...Tita ko nga si Mighty Mouse pa hehehe! :D

  6. Hi! Blog-hopping here from Krissy's blog.:) Oh how I love reminiscing about cartoons of my childhood. And yes, who can ever forget Friday nights on ABS before when TMNT and X-Men were still the "IN" thing. I <3 Land Before Time! Tearjerker talaga kahit ilang beses mo panoorin.

  7. Ate Gia this viral thing is amazing, almost all pics I see in FB are in cartoons na, haha. And i love that you included sweet valley in your list, corny na ngayon pero noon ang cool nila, haha :)

  8. It's actually the main reason why I came back LOLOLOL! I also want Jasmine kaso ang dami nang meron. And Daria, too! <3 And yes, the best ang Sweet Valley High! <3

  9. Cartoons, i love them all!! :) Nakakamis yung sa ABS-CBN na cartoon lalo na yung Princess Sarah..:)) Sobrang kakaiyak din ng Land Before Time at Little Mermaid para sakin kahit ulitin ko ngayon.. hehehe..:)


  10. I chose Heide first. Yung anak pawis sa kabundukan? Haha. Tapos Lupin III. Kasi sa kanya ako natutong magpatawa. Then I changed my profile picture to Jolina. Nagpatawa lang ako kasi mukha siyang cartoons nung bata ako/tayo. :)) Then I changed it to Eklok. Funny Komiks, FTW! Di kumpleto childhood ko kung wala ang Funny Komiks!

    And now, si Vincent ng Ghost Fighter. Crush ko siya kasi ang pogi niya. Haha. :) I love this entry, Ana!

  11. I have a feeling we come from the same generation, haha! American Tails, RL Stine, Sweet Valley (I grew up with the Wakefield twins, from kids to university!), All Dogs Go to Heaven, Doogie Howser MD! <3


  12. Rose!! Oo nga noh I remember TMNT!! :D I love Friday ABS tv nights! :)) <4

    Mimi! :D Hahaha! Super love ko noon yun series ng Sweet Valley! pag may nalaman akong hindi nag basa ng SV parang ako, ha hindi ka nagbasa nun? :D Hahaha yabang! ;)

  13. Krissy!! :D Sabi na youre a Sweet Valley girl din e! :) ;) Hehehe! Funny it's one of the reasons you returned cute!! :D Yey I know I thought mag Jasmine ka! :D

    Mickey! :D Ang classic ni Princess Sarah noh!! :) ABS cartoons FTW! :)

  14. N: Benta yung Jolens hahaha!!! :D Grabe Im happy to hear na may nakakaalala parin kay EKLOK!!! :D Hehehe!!! :)))

    Alex!!! Hahahah! Baka ngaaa!!! Omg I love Sweet Valley naadik talaga ako doon noon! :)) Haha!


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