My Not-So-Grown-Up Christmas List ;-)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I can never get enough of flats!!! :D Eyeing the boat shoes, loafers, moccasins of Ichigo, Toms, and Sebago! They look sooo comfy!

Still on footwear, I am not really into wearing slippers outside the house (except of course when on a beach trip!). No to dirty feet with flip flops with height! 

Not really a sunglasses-person, but a round pair is just too cute! :D Saw one in Starfinder Korean optical shop and in Charles and Keith!

To replace my soaked wallet (from the Universal Studios mishap! ;p). I'd love a nice long red or brown wallet which will fit my passport and phone, hehe!

Although one year old palang ang phone and camera ko, can't help but dream of better gadgets..for my business and lifestyle! :P 

My go-to outfit, day and night! :D Haha! I want more pairs of shorts! :P In black, red, khaki, blue, denim, polka dots, stripes, checkered, floral, ETCETERA! ;p

From Accessorize!!! :D <3 A nice big black bag and basic hat will be great during my meet ups! :D Hehe!

 I always borrow my dad's tan belt, hehe! :D I want my own in the colors above! :D

 I always bring my passport with me, because it's my only valid ID! I'd like to protect it with a cute jacket, like Accessorize passport holders! =)

YEY! Sorry naman ang materialistic, hehehe! :D Do you have your own wish list already? I already sent this to my sisters Ate and Cea, and to my bully friendsTamems and Ana few days ago (hehehe)! :D Sana may makuha talaga akooo!!! :D (ahemers I know binabasa niyo to Ate, Tamems and Ana!!!)

Making my shopping list narin! I just love Christmas! :D Party planning here and there, ang saya! 


  1. hahaha i love your list ana!:) i'm so materialistic too when it comes to my wish list ahaha but its just wishes ^_^

  2. Ava! I reread this and all I said was "Want want want!!" :D Hahaha! Excited nako sa ating little blog friends Christmas get together yey!!! :)))

  3. Anagon! Toms=comfy! I have the red ones (not the classic though, forgot what version haha).


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