C’mon and join the celebration! :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

All around the world, people make a change, 
C'mon and join the celebration!
All around the world, people make a change, 
It's time to have a Christmas party! :D
- Eraserheads

Tell me what Christmas song sets YOUR mood for the holidays and happenings! First time to spend Christmas Eve here in our house! It was a big pressure to my mom and ate: they were busy planning the foods and decorating the house to welcome the Mutucs--Our only guests (everyone else lives abroad already! :P)

Anyhoo...Since we will only be in our house, it's awkward to dress up! But, kilala niyo naman ako, I want to look festive! Hah! What I wore on Christmas Eve:

Gold Wrap Headband, Red Boho Dress (thrifted), Clogs (Rubi/Cotton On)

Ano kayang hinahanap ko sa sahig? Hehehe.

Cea, our bunsoy, mocking me, hahaha! :D

Gold nails and snake bangle. :)

Everyone last night: The Crazy Gonzales and the Mutucs! :-)
We ate TWICE! Dinner and then Noche Buena!

Ate cooked and baked non-stop! :D From scratch! Here are some of my favorites:

Her festive Cinnamon Cookies with sprinkles in green and red!

Shepherd's Pie FTW! :D (ate the top layer lang, potatoes and cheeeeese! :P)

And, her winner Oreo Cheesecake! :D

Everything, she made from scratch, habang ako store bought lang harhar.
Silvanas! Tita Emma's favorite kasi. :)

Our tree, with family photos! :)

TV time while waiting for the clock to strike 12! ANTM and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show FTW! :D

After awhile, nangati and pawis nako from wearing the sheer dress, so I changed into my pambahay. Haha! Outfit post daw ako sabi ni Cea, hehe!

I also had a "room tour", by request! They wanted to check out the Anagon Collection Factory! HAH!

Wearing some of my head accessories, hehehe! Kulit!

Christmas time! We prayed over our meal...and Tito Rick asked us to share our thoughts on Christmas...
I like what Ate Ginj said, that Christmas is being with our family. My own Ate said something striking to me too, that Christmas is the time to share to our family and friends what we have worked hard for for the whole year. :) Tito Rik concluded by saying that it's a time to remember how our Lord went down in this imperfect world to be with us...Because of love. Yes, Christmas is about LOVE. :)

My favorite Christmas presents:

Bucket Bag from my sister Cey, thank you!

Plus a red wallet too!

I also love Ate's gift to me: nice Havs slippers! :) THANK YOU!

Off to Tanauan for my Dad's side party! :) Thank you Lord for TOGETHERNESS of FAMILY! Thank you for teaching us LOVE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Leaving you my blog friends with pics with my fave dog: YATOT! 
We were featured in the recent blog entry of PAX! :) WEEE!
"Yating sikat ka na!"


XOXO, Me and Yating! :) <3


  1. Merry Christmas Ms. Ana! Lovely photos! nakakatuwa ang captions mo! :)

    xx, Channie

  2. Merry Christmas Anagon! Nakakatawa, I've known you since high school but I never made the connection that you and KAKA were SISTERS!!! She was my original batchmate sa St. Scho! HAHAHA please say hi to her for me! :p

  3. Looking like a happy xmas. :)
    Awesome pressies!

  4. Channie! :D Thank you at bentang benta ako sayo, heehee :) Merry Christmas dearest! :)

    Mai!!! WAH! Benta hahaha! :D But di din kasi kami kamukha...THANK GOD hahahaha! :D MErry Christmas Mai! :)

  5. - Thank you so much! :) Merry Christmas to you! :)

    Skysenshi: HAHAHA! :) Christmas clothes FTW! :) Merry Christmas dearest! :)

  6. Nakakatawa yung captions mo sa pictures, Ana! :)) Ang kulit. Ginaya ka pa ng sister mo. :p Merry Christmas and Happy new year Anagon! :D

  7. Hahahah thank you! :D It's the goal in life, to make people laugh/happy! :))) MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too Megann! :)


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