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Monday, December 27, 2010

No need for belts after eating whatever is served on the table. No stopping me from eating another slice of chocolate cake, a piece of silvanas, and toffee caramel candies after exercising (sole reason is just to breakeven my weight, hehe). Colder days in tropical Pinas. The cause for longer sleeping time. Overflowing fridge. Best Christmas gifts to date. Got 500 pesos from my ninang, which is a big deal already since I haven't been receiving any cash presents since I graduated.
.......And then, there goes Christmas!

Can't believe Christmas zoomed past just like that! :P Another 300+ days to go till "the most wonderful time of the year", sigh.

Christmas with the Crazy Gonzales clan in our home town: Tanauan, Batangas. December 25.
With some cousins! I was so sabog already, checkout my hipster look (with matching kape) in most of the photos, haha.

Another batch of fats to burn indeed...

Presents to open...
(my bunsoy sister Cea who now works for Oishi gave away Cuckoo Bags! :))

Games to play (charades and Pinoy Henyo with my forever young cousins!)....

....And family photos to take, for memories sake. :)

As Clarisse of Cla-Mour said in her blog: "There are no more reasons to feel bad in a life not going well."


And in line with Christmas and Giving, I am joining the cool Gen of This Kid Loves Vintage's many many giveaways! :D Here are the freebies up for grab till end of the year (which is, akk, 4 days from now?)

Here’s the complete list of all the Sweet Treats:
  1. 3 pieces of clothing from Poisonberry
  2. 5 chic items from Anagon Collection
  3. Mishca Pearl Headwrap from The Royalty Shop
  4. Paris-inspired Eiffel Tower necklace from Xreations
  5. Customized Twin Dogtags from Graffities
  6. Php200 worth of gift certificate and a blue top from Secret Paris
  7. A pair of Alphonse Mucha earrings and locket from The Vintage Chick
  8. Contact Lenses from Asian Vogue
  9. An item of your choice from Popjunklove
  10. Php500 gift card from Uber Finds
  11. Yellow skirt and a yellow cross necklace from Monster Closet
  12. 6 quirky items from Curls and Twirls
  13. Loose top of your choice from Flattering Tops
  14. Red earrings from Anak ng Kwek Kwek!
  15. Accessory Package from Tricky Trinkets
  16. Rainbow Bracelets from BahagniHarrie
  17. 50% off discount on any item from Hauterfly
  18. Golden brocade vest & 5 assorted keyboard rings from F-STOP
  19. White M2 blazer from Fiévre
  20. Gift certificate from Moonshine

(list from THIS PAGE)

Checkout numbah 2! :D Hehe! :) Will join the rest of the other promos, yehoo! :D Thank you Gen for all these! The freebies made me feel that Christmas isn't over yet! Hehe!
Tell me what giveaway/s you're eyeing on! :D


  1. I'm joining everything! Hahahahaha! :)

  2. I joined almost everything in that give away!:) haha sweet treats, indeed! Aww, i miss having a christmas gathering at my cousins place. We haven't done that in a while because my tito's always busy =| but love yours!!

  3. Wahahaha! Ako din Melai and Ava joined almost everything hehehe! :D hope to win something! :D

  4. Happy holidays Anagon! :) Christmas celebration with cousins is always fun!

  5. Thank you Ishna! :) Merry Christmas to you too! :))

  6. Thank you so much for participating in this project! :) Happy holidays.


  7. wow your family is really close! :)
    i know this is offtopic but my grumps is from tanauan too! :) and coincidentally, he's gonzales too. hehe they said, there is a gonzales compound in tanauan. i havent been there though

  8. My heartfelt thank you goes to you for all the efforts you've given for this project. Thank you and happy holidays!

    Thanks to all who joined. :)

  9. Gen: I super appreciate your online site and the difference it makes in our online world / community :) Again: Thank you for featuring me in your beautiful site :)

    Thriftyfashionista: WOW! It's so cool we might be related! :D


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