FACEHUNTER: Huling Hirit for the Fashionable 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

I was creating my usual year ender entry a few days ago, and realized that it was one full year filled with fashionable blogger events. It's a whole new beautiful world for me who, looking back on my old entries, just tirelessly blog emo shiznits. Seeing these gatherings with a big community of bloggers, I know I can't click "PUBLISH POST" just yet. There's the Face Hunter book signing event to perfectly cap the big fashionable 2010.

Went to Fort a bit early for lunch date and (second-hand) yosi break with ze Bullies.
Ang lunch ko mag 3pm na, haha.

After one hour of being out of office (hehehe) Ana left us while Tamems did my beautiful make up again. Yup everyone, in public kami nag paganda hahaha. It was past 5 already when I walked to High Street to meet Honey and Raleene in Topshop, and had coffee-&-conversations in CTBL. 

When we reached the venue (Fully Booked Forum), the place was already filled up.

The Face Hunter Yvan Rodic talked about his blog and his experiences as a blogger.

The audience was filled with fashionable people! Kalula, menh!
photo from patrick diokno for status mag
Where's Anagon? (Parang Where's Wally lang, hehe)

Imagine a classroom like this! Pressure ito to dress up everyday! Haha! But fun! :D
photo from patrick diokno for statusmag

Yvan also answered several questions from the audience. What struck me the most (to the point of taking out a pen and paper to take note haha) was when he said, "I think it's the best thing in the world...To explore, meet, understand, and enjoy." Definitely what I aim as a blogger, AND as a person! :)

Afterwards, people were asked to line up for the book signing. 

I didn't get a copy of the Facehunter book, and Fully Booked ran out of stocks anyway (Sold out ftw! Congrats kay Yvan!). Some of my blog friends and I were joking na ano ba yan five pa naman bibilhin ko, chos. The line was sooo long, and ang tagal, only to realize that the Facehunter gives effort in getting to know each person who bought his book, before signing it. I think those who got their copies had a memorable time with the man of the hour (s). I think it's definitely worth the 1K-ish book! *Sigh-yang*

While waiting for my blog friends, we started the activity na "ever pampahaba ng event"...Photo ops!

With my lovely sis, Krissy. Love ya! :)

First time to meet sweet Alexa! She's from Cebu and is on vacay here! Sana pag punta ko ng Cebu may blog event din bigla! :))

First time to be with my dear buyer Ef in an event! :) Met her cute friend Audi too! :)

Sandwiched between two pretty stylistas! Ava and Vern, why so gorj? :)))

Before, I can't figure out if it's her very boho-beautiful hair, or is it her hippie style, or that cool lip color? Wah...I really just love Bestie's whole look!

I am thankful to have finally met Honey in person. She's so humble and appreciative of everyone, and I admire that from her. :) <3 I want to be more vocal of how I appreciate everyone I meet in events--just like this pretty girl (inside-out!) beside me. :)

Several photo ops later, I saw Raleene finally having her book signed already...

Ral: "He asked a lot of questions!"

Cool to see cutie Ms. Best-Dress Lloyda again! :) Love her big round eyes and quirky personality!

The first time I met Dewi was in the fun media launch for Crystal Jade resto. Yey C.J. girls represent! We missed Mich though!!

With top blogger Earth of Earthling Gorgeous! I really look up to this morena beauty whose blog is always on top 10! :D

The room is filled with fashionable people, but these people are definitely scene-stoppers...Not only with their beautiful clothes but with their cool styling!

With awesome entrep and designer Nicole of Soule!

The lady with the legs I covet (haha!): Kookie of Death By Platforms!

I remembered that even the Facehunter stopped for a while with his talk when your majesty (in his cape!) Paul of Paulhighness arrived!

I was Totally Inkarlcerated that night with my bloody tee!! Channeling the Karl Leuterio look with a tee he gave to me so generously...And, tama ba matching kami ng hair color? ;D Lolane FTW!

When the Uy sisters entered the venue, tumahimik bigla!

Super nastarstruck ako kay LIZ UY! She's so simple, but may dating!

Had the chance to have a photo with the style-breaker Laureen Uy! :) I love her bag!

I don't know what time it was already, but I was already hungryyy when my teh Pax arrived in her bonggang cheetah scarf! Fresh from her Cebu lamierda! Jetlag pa tayo teh? Haha! I missed you!

My sistahs! (We don't have a group pic with Pax huhu)...Melaisky and Ava-Teh. :)

We ended the day separately: bulk of the blogger barkada had dinner in Pancake House, Krissy with her college buds, while I met Ana again in SBC. It was cool that we bumped into each other again in High Street. 

Outfit photos:

Experimented with my hair:

I didn't know it looks like that sa sideview! (Sana maulit ko pa siya, ano, hehe) 
I love the "messy-quirk"--bumagay sa tee:

Wore my new Inkarlcerated shirt with black skirt underneath (worn as tube dress). Didn't realize my bra wasn't strapless, so hinayaan ko nang ganyan. Homeless look FTW!

Di carry fumierce...hehe...

So bungisngis nalang uli. :)
Shred Tee (Karl), Black Skirt and Socks (Landmark), Booties (H&M), Beautiful Basic Black Bag (Trunkshow, Ana's Christmas gift!!!)

Got this pretty "anagon" name ring from my thoughtful blog sistah Melaisky! :)

Just want to share that I was supposed to wear this necklace:
But I can't find it in my topsy-turvy bag (hehe)! Deathly Hallows! Master of Death dapat ang tema ko, haha.

It was a big fashionable event, thanks to Status Magazine and Adidas. Just looking at the pictures might give the impression of people so frivolous and superficial ala Hunger Games' The Capitol. But I tell you being there I really had a great time, not only for the eye-candies in every turn...But the fun company I had with people who are real and just knew how to express themselves through their clothes. :)

To more fashionable events like this in 2011!!! Hear??? HEAR!!! :))

Thanks to Patrick Diokno of StatusMelai, Ava, and Honey for some of the photos used in this blog. No copyright infringement intended, naknamp. ;)


  1. Thank you Carissa! :) Youre so pretty in your photos :)) Where are you from? :)

  2. Your captions never fail to entertain me! Kung maka-gay linggo ka naman teh. Haha! Nakakatuwa. :)) And the event looks like so much fun! Hope to attend a blogger event/meet-up one of these days. Sana magkaroon na ako ng time sa 2011! Ako na ang BUSY. :))

  3. Hahahaha! The Girl with the OrgS hehehe! :D Thank you Megann! :)) And hahaha oo nga e lumalabas ang iba ibang linggo ko, hahahha! :D Happy new year!!!!

  4. Inform me when you're coming here to Cebu. I'll organize an instant blogger event just for you guys! Hahaha I had so much fun with all of you. Thank you for accommodating me. Mwah. Mwah. ^^

  5. Coolness! :D Thank you Alexa! :) I cant wait for that day! :D <3


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