Is "what to wear" something to fuss about?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Will be going to a fashionista event tonight, and asmuchas I hate feeling pressured with "just dressing up" because we all have our personal style / taste / expressions... I can't help but madala with the fuss on what to wear in just a book signing event. (But really, it's part of the excitement anyway :))

I got this package 2 days after Christmas, and I know I have to wear this tonight:

It's a reallyreally generous gift from the cool fashion blogger I look up to: Karl Leuterio of Inkarlcerating! The shirt is part of his collection for "giveaways" to his readers, as blogged in Give Blood on Xmas Day. I am so happy that I got this "Skin" Tee! :))

I love it, an art of a shirt...a labor of love! :) Watch out how I'll style it though...An Inkarlcerating shirt that is "so Anagon". :) Mwah! 

See ya tanight! :D

"It's no brainer that you'll be chosen as one of the reader coz you were super nice to me before (re: my anagon goodies). I really can't show enough how I am grateful about it." - from Karl's note that comes with this shirt. :)


  1. OMG I got a package from Karl too! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Enjoy the event, Ana! Can't wait to read your blog about it. :D

    PS. Super nice shirt! I love the edgyness... not your usual ripped tee. :)

  3. Love how you styled it tonight, ana!:)

  4. Melai outfit post tayo minsan, terno terno! :)) Heheh! :) Cute yun! :D

    Megann thank you so much! :D And yes super unique niyang ripped top a lot took photos of my Inkarlcerating tee that night! :))

    AVA thank youuu!!! :D I appreciate that! I changed "styling" the last minute in fear of being overdressed for a booksigning, kaya parang naiwan lang ang pantalon look ako that night hahaha!!!

  5. awesome shirt, Lovely blog!
    following you now!!

  6. Thank you Liezyl! :)) Means a lot to me!!!


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