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Saturday, January 08, 2011

I realized that I had been saying "DIY" for my past two entries (1, 2), when a dear friend Catherine commented with the term "deconstruction"...which I think is more appropriate term for what I did with the two skirts. Didn't actually made them from scratch, I just altered existing ones from my closet! :)

Anyhoo...since my family will be going on a cool cool cool outing this weekend (we're going to Balai--my tita's beach house in Tagaytay! :)) where I'll have the chance to use my "new" swimsuits (bought last year pa but never had the chance to wear them, haha) even though I'll freeze to death in this temperature (plus, it's in Tagaytay! Hahaha!). Don't you miss those? Good ol' family outings...I remember we used to go to those Los Banos Hot Springs every summer (Crystal Spring FTW!)...But as we got older, we only go on "trips" (hindi na outing ang tawag, haha) with friends. And now that I am a bit older, gusto ko na ng outing uli hehe! So excited! :) Hope Cea will swim with me, I realized my friends weren't into swimming/babad, haha! Even my mom hates the water. Ok, enough blabbing! Just reposting a DIY in my ang-bilis-naman-ma-phase-out Anagon Monthly! ;) Hehehe! Tata!

DIY: Modern-Vintage Vest
Create a hip vest from your thrift-store treasure

I bought a vintage vest months ago in an ukay, and thought of giving it a spin to make it more wearable and modern. Here's how:

First, you'll need your denim vest like this rainbow Pepe Jeans find. 

Lay garment flat to estimate desired length.

Cut the vest around 8 inches from bottom end, or till desired length.

Fray edges. 
TIP: You'll get an even more fringed edges after several use and from constant washing of cloth.

Give your vest some attitude by attaching studs. I got mine from an old studded belt! :)

Finished Product:
Now you have your very own funky Studded Striped Bolero! :)

Worn on first photo:

So there, HAPPY WEEKEND! :)) ☮♥✿ 


  1. galing! so easy lang pala, 'di ko to naisip! :)

    xx, Channie

    ps. Join my giveaway Ms. Ana!

  2. the vest before the DIY task was okay already... but with the "reconstruction"... it turned out all the more fabulous! Digging the studs!! :) Have a safe trip / outing. haha :)

    xoxo hazel

  3. Awezums. I'm always afraid to try it out myself since I don't wanna end up with something that looks like a rag :( I might screw up and that piece of clothing is gone... FOREVER. NOOOOOOOOO!

    sPam of frou-frou

  4. Channie: Wow I will check that out yehey! :) Thank you so much! :) And Im sure your own DIY will be great! :)

  5. Thank you Hazel! :) Just got home from the outing, it was fun! :) Kahit umulan haha! :D

    Thanks Spam! :))) Hahahahah!!!! Kayang kaya mo din to! :) Start with ukay stuff or stuff you wouldnt use na anyway, hehehe! :D

  6. oh goorgeous! i wonder where can we buy studs! ;]

  7. THANK YOU! :) I just got mine from old studded belt ko hihi :) <3


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