Kulasa Ako! :D

Sunday, January 09, 2011

As much as possible, I do not participate in post-Holiday bazaars because (based from experience) people do not buy already after the big Christmas gastos. But when the St. Scho Manila JMA invited me for their bazaar this JANUARY 11-12, I went for it! Though hesitant at first, they suddenly lowered the rates, so how can I pass the chance of entering again my campus for 11 years? I miss my Grade School-High School Alma Mater!

Here are the details as said in the letter emailed to me:

"Scholastica’s College will be celebrating its Organization Week with the theme “JMA Advocates for Beauty & Health” on January 11-12, 2011 (2 days) at the Freezone area of St. Scholastica’s College."

Anagon Collection will be there! :) 
I will be with Ava too! Yey thanks beb!
See you, my fellow Kulasas!!! :) <3

PS: Ang weird, but nahihiya ako makakita ng mga former teachers, hahaha! :D
PPS: Makasuot kaya ng uniform??? Hahahah benta yon! :D

ST. SCHO HS Batch 02-03! Woot! Can you spot me??? Hahahaha!
Clue: Top Row! Tall girls rule! Haha!!!


  1. Wow! I'm sure ang lakas ng earnings ng Anagon Collection na naman Ms. Ana! :)

    xx, Channie

    ps Join my giveaway :)

  2. I LOVE THE BATCH PIC!!!! I miss St. Scho!! :D

  3. Hahaha thank you so much Channie I really hope so too! :) Thank youuu!!! <3

  4. Hahahahah!!!! Yes the best batch pic!!!!! :D
    Benta yung mga college sa likod hahaha! Nakakamiss talaga!!!

  5. WOW! Goodluck naman sa pag-spot sayo! Batch picture yan ha! HAHAHA :)) Pero ayon ka yata o. Joke :D

    goodluck with the bazaar :D

    hope you can drop by my blog again :)

    xoxo hazel

  6. Bwahahaha! :D Ang dami namin noh! :D 10th ako from left hahaha :D Thanks Hazel,will need that! :)

  7. Happy New Year Ate!
    Wow, ang dami niyo sa isang batch. BTW, fair din namin next month. I'm not sure though if there will be a bazaar. Kung meron po, I'll inform you. :)

    Good luck on your bazaar!

  8. Thank you Nadine!!! :) I need all the luch! :)
    And wow oo inform me if meron man sa inyong bazaar hehe ;) Thank youuuu!!!

  9. Hello :) I'd like to ask if you still have the knot headband and the floral wreath (250) that i saw from your multiply acct?

    Hoping for your reply ;) Thanks so much!!


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