"Genuinely Happy"

Monday, January 31, 2011

I really love weekends. The only thing that makes me not want it is that when I reach home, usually on Sunday nights, my online shop responsibilities are all piled up already (order forms, Multiply and FB inquiries to answer), haha!

So, I woke up early last Saturday to supposedly attend an orientation for an internship I've been eyeing lately. It wasn't actually part of my plan this year, although "change" is--and if I am really looking for something new, I thought that few weeks abroad might be the answer.

I was in the orientation's venue already after several boo-boos like FX driver failing to inform me of my stop, being more than 2 hours late, etcetera. But the moment I saw the door to the room--I just turned around, and walked away. I don't know if this act can be interpreted as "I am not meant to be here" or maybe it plainly meant that... I just cowered in fear.

Sorry for keeping this vague. Anyway, I wore this ring that day:
 I'd like to believe that the reason I turned around is that there is something else in stored for me. Good things. The best things, even! Sigh, I really hope so, hehe.

So, I was quite depressed that I have to go through that, and so I just ate my heart out when I reached Mega Mall.
Mexicali = feel good food

Then, I met Ana in Greenbelt that afternoon for our Weekend Movie Club. We caught the crazy kickass film Green Hornet, had a short Red Mango break, and then watched Love and Other Drugs while eating our movie-food-dinner. 

Sunday was also spent with my sistah from anotha mistah Ana, where I accompanied her while she shopped for new stuff for her Cebu trip (may sakit na yun na dapat mag shopping pre-trip, haha). She also had a haircut while I attended the mass, and of course, we had coffee shop tambays in between.

Craving for sweeeeets today! I love UCC's mango crepe! :P

Ana's late birthday gift to me, hehehe:
New keyboard and mouse, haha! :) 
Opo naka PC parin ako, hehehe.

So anyway, I still hope that good things will come to me this year. I know that I don't have to be too hard on myself, or I don't have to be such a big worry-wart...But I can't help it. If things aren't coming my way, I have to make them happen myself. That's just how things roll, right?

I remembered from the sermon kanina, the priest said that to be truly happy, you have to feel that your are blessed. I may want more, but what's in the depths of my heart is to be "genuinely happy". Like this simple weekend with a long-time friend. Great movies, food, and awesome conversations. 

Oh, I love that phrase. "Genuinely Happy". =)

I just want to share this prayer I learned from The Feast Alabang:

Novena to God's Love 
By Bo Sanchez

"Feast Declaration Of Abundance"
Today, I receive all of God's love for me.
Today, I open myself to the unbounded.
limitless, overflowing
abundance of God's universe.
Today, I open myself to Your blessings,
healing, and miracles.
Today, I open myself to God's Word so that I
become more like Jesus every day.
Today, I proclaim that I'm God's Beloved.
I'm God's Servant,
I'm God's Powerful Champion,
And becaus I am blessed,
I will bless the world,
In Jesus' Name.


  1. Ana, i believe God indeed has something better that's why you felt that way :) maybe something for fulfilling and blissful :) I'm really proud that you're hanging in there and having faith in God. He really does know what's best for us. *HUGS* Lets make more kwento on thursday! Love you!

  2. Ana, i don't know you personally but i 'feel' you cowered in fear.. :( I don't believe in the phrase 'not meant to be' because we always have a choice and make things happen. You were at the doorstep of the change that you were probably longing for for a long time. It's not everyday that an opportunity exactly like that comes your way. There will always be greater opportunities ahead, yes, but don't turn your back on them just because you feel 'it's not meant to be'. There's no perfect time than now. :)

    I hope I didn't make you feel bad with what I said above. :) Just my two cents.. :)

  3. Btw, i love UCC's mango crepe so much! But the ice cream is too sweet.. :S

  4. AIESEC ba yung internship mo? :)

  5. I've made some exact decisions like that Ana--ung tipong final interview, and I KNOW that I have a shot at getting it--and still---d ako umattend. Y? because I SHOULD feel excited about it,pero mabigat s pakiramdamdam---so I thought I wouldn't be happy. ^^
    Later--it all made sense---and your decision will too. ^^God Bless!

  6. I also get those feelings that when I'm already there, somewhere important, that urge to turn around and walk away. I hope He really has great things in store for you!

    I love your ring too!

  7. Awww I attend sessions of the feast too but lately I am not too active! Thanks for reminding me about it! It's good to know that you attend sessions in Alabang too. I used to go to Valle but was really sad when they moved to PICC. I only attended twice in PICC but I slowly realized how far it is really but again- one day of the week's sacrifice isn't too much! I'll do my best to get back on track talaga!

    By the way I love your ring! =)

  8. Ava: Thank you so much for always making me feel better whenever I need it the most. That's why youre my blog barkada. :)) Love you too and can't wait for our bonding day again, yehey! :))

    Hi Irene thank you! I do think so too. I hope I cowered because I felt it wasn't made for me. :)) Really hope that the opportunity that's "for me" will come and I know I will take the plunge if I have no doubts, whatsoever. :)) And no worries, I love comments that arent made to destruct, and yours isn't. :) Mwah! UCC the best! :)

  9. Anon: Yes it is! :)) Have you tried it na? Is it a great experience?:))

    Ann: Thank you. Exact same feeling I got that time..Parang may mali. :P Might not be the right thing, or might not be the right timing. Thank you so much, can't wait to be enlightened, I always love those days na narealize mo na "ah kaya pala" :))

  10. Michelle thank you! :)) <3 Yes, always always there's something better. Yun ang pinaniniwalaan ko <3 :))

    Aie: Wow a fellow feaster! :)) Ako rin havent attended lately, medyo sad,....but like you, I promise to get back on track! :)) I'll start this weekend! :)) Good luck to us! :) <3

  11. Homg. I feel the same way :)) One time, pumasok ako sa compound nung for the internship ko din, then nasa pinto na talaga ako nung room, tapos bago pa nila ako makita umalis na ako agad. Kapag mabigat sa loob, hindi na dapat tinutuloy :) Hope you have more good things to come your way!

  12. Wow! It's nice to read this Weyn, na at least I know may nakakarelate sa ginawa kong feel kong kab*b*han :P Tama may mas ok na dadating na mas fit for me :)) Thank you!!


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