Happy Birthday UST! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The University of Santo Tomas just had its Quadricentennial week-long celebration. Although I was willing to go there the whole week if only it was possible (haha, hardcore), but then I had to choose just one day. 

So I went back to good ol' USTE with my former Journalism classmates and batchmates last January 27 (Thursday night) to witness the countdown. Gusto ko talaga makita yung "mala-Paskuhan" programs AND fireworks! namiss ko yun!

It was a fun night filled with "namiss ko yung..." and "naalala mo nanyari dito?"-- reminiscing on both beautiful and sour days during our stay in our university (both are perfectly fine to look back to now. =)). Other than the memories-overload, here are my 4 reasons why I had a blast during the UST's 400 years celebration!  


Always starting with prayers and beautiful worship songs:

Amazing pala manuod ng Air Dancers live! Natatakot ako for them, tibay!

As said in earlier posts and twits, the campus also had a fair / bazaar set-up. Hopped from one stall to another with Lyks while waiting for our other friends.

The crowded UST stall selling the official UST@400 shirts, dogtags, bags, jackets, etc. 
Nakisiksik jan si Lyks, naloka ako!

They also sell these cute thermos!

One of Lyka's purchases! :D

Dapat andun Anagon Collection! :P

I love that phrase. "Unending Grace". :)

Thomasians with the best seats? :D On top of the giant UST! Hehe! 

The Quattromondial Monument, which was unveiled earlier that day:
Si Charlene Gonzalez daw yan, hahaha! Nasa right naman niya si Papa P. =P

I wasn't really able to watch watch the program. My friends and I arrived "after office hours", so that was past 7 already. We then ate our dinner first in P. Noval area, and then mingled with familiar faces we saw while walking around the crowded field. We only really got to watch when we settled (and sat with the crowd!) in front of the Main Building, few minutes before 12 midnight.
Other than Gary V, I also glimpsed performances by Itchyworms, Sarah Geronimo and then Aiza Seguerra (both Thomasians). Can't remember the others though, sayang! :P


I would have went to UST alone just for the countdown, coz I wouldn't miss this for the world. But it wouldn't be as crazy and tagos sa puso if I wasn't with these people...My UST friends! :)

With Gianne and Lyks:

I also saw Tin while I was looking for G! :D

Ate's high school kabarkada Rose, who also studied in UST!

With Lyks, and my Journ 2 barkada Cords and Zsa! :)

Roar! Haha!

My Journ 3 aka Kabasagan! <3

And of course, my girl Lyka T! ;) Hehehe! :))
One of my true friends na I can really trust. Love you Lyks!

Bago masita ng guard. Seniors Anagon and Lyks.:)


And finally! We were running from the Main Building to the field so we wouldn't miss the spectacle. When we reached the huge Thomasian crowd, they already started singing the University Hymn. 

My world just stopped.

Watch the grand pyromusical display here:

It was a nice experience, screaming with friends, celebrating with my fellow Tomasinos. 
I love my university!

And lastly...
IV. Finding a reason to wear my school uniform again!

Mom was very supportive, gusto daw niya akong picturean, ahahah! 

Ang saya, nagkasya pa! :D Hahaha!

Just for fun, I thought of wearing my last set of AB uniform (kept for me by my mom). I didn't even announced this in my FB/Twitter, baka mas nakakainis lang kung biglang ako lang sumipot na naka uniform hehehe. It was liberating, at the same time, laugh trip! Hindi ko nga alam kung anong sasabihin nung tinanong nako ng bus kundoktor ng "Studyante po ba?"
Me: OBVIOUS BA? Hahahaha!

Ako'y nagagalak na matawag na isang tomasino!



  1. Super Nice!!!Congrats sa UST, ^^.
    Taob ako s uniform trip mo Ms. Ana, ^^,

    And I love your "Bangs" do in College, uber pretty! ^^

    Do join my giveaway:

  2. wow! inggit ako.. i wasn't able to go.. huhu :( thank you for sharing the firewords video.. nakakagoosebumps nga.. :) would u know if the fair is ongoing? until when?? thanks! :) i still want to go eh..

  3. haha wow im here! thanks, gia! soooo proud to be a thomasian at 400! :)

  4. hahaha! ang kulit that you wore your uniform! :) namiss ko din tuloy college! :( i saw this on the news the other day, congrats to ust!


  5. Hahahaha! Natuwa naman ako! Lakas ng trip mo pero sobrang aliw! :)

  6. Binigyan ka takaga ng discount ng kundoktor?
    I went there with my classmate to check the USTET results. Kung hindi lang kami hahanapin ng parents namin, nag-stay sana kami for the countdown. Ang kyot ng uniform ng JRN. Sana may mag-back sa JRN para may sure slot na ako. Hihi. :))

  7. by the way, buti ka pa keri mo pa ang uniform.. hindi halata na grad ka na hehe :)

    I was joking a friend of mine that we should attend in our uniforms haha :D yucky naman uniform ng engg.. eww!

  8. Nice idea to wear your school uniform! :)

  9. kaya pala nagtaka ako bakit ikaw lang nakauniform sa photos! =)) anyway, happy birthday to UST! the celebration is all over the news! =P

    <3 hazel

  10. ang fashionable mo pa ring tingnan kahit nakauniform!

  11. Ann: Thank you! :)) Kalokohan ko lang yung uniform, I wonder anong sumapi sakin, pati nun nagpabangs ako hahaha :D

    Hi Irene! :)) One week lang siya, ended nun Thursday din :/ Sayang hindi din ako nakapamili sa dami ng tao =P

    ROSE!!! Buti nagkita tayo nun!!! :D Hihihi!!! :)) GO USTE FOREVER!!!

  12. Reg: Hihihi! :)) Where did you go to college btw? :) Thank you a! :) Benta lang makauot lang uli ng uniform hehehe :D

    Nariese: hahahah! For a change ba! hahahaha! Biglang lahat ng students sila naman may baong civillian, akala ko magbblend ako sa kanila, nagsi bihis pala for this event hehehe :D

    Nadine: I saw nga!!! Journ yun isa mo right?? I'll pray for you!! :)) Yes binigyan ako!! Harharhar!! :D For that day lang! Hindi ko naman sila niloloko pag ordinary day at may commutes ako for DLSU meetups heheheh

  13. Irene engg ka pala!! :D Hahhaha!!! :D Cool!!!!

    Abbey thank you! Crazy mind hehehe :D

    Hazel: hahahah!!! Yan din sabi ng friends ko sa fb nag hanap pa sila ng ibang naka uniform hahaha :P

    Uy thank you Liezyl! mga bracelets ko din yan nun college, heheheh :D

  14. Aww, ana! ang cute mo lang sa old uniform mo! I wish i kept my HS uniform :( Sa college kasi wala naman ako huhu. But USTe looks so amazinG! happy 400 years!

  15. Nakakatuwa naman! Grabe uniform haha. :D Ang saya bumalik sa school para magreminisce (hindi para mag-aral hahaha). Congratulations UST! Fun pictures Ana! :)

  16. Hahahah thank you so much Ava! :)) My mom kept just one set of my HS and college uniform :)) Swerte lang hehe! :))

    Megann ahahaha true! Nice to just look back and laugh at it, but to relive the recitations, sleepless nights, and grueling exams...ummmm hehehehhe :D

  17. Looks like it was a fun night! And wearing the uniform was funny! :))

  18. Hahahaha thank you so much Michelle! :))

  19. ...super nice and like ko ang post mo.
    My daughter is first year pa lng and yet she said the feeling of being a TOMASINO is being felt deep within.
    This is super nice ha. Thanks for sharing.
    God bless u. God bless the Tomasino.

  20. Thank you so much ma'am! God bless you too, and God bless the great Thomasians! :)

  21. ana.. i was checking 'UST highschool' in google and found your pic.. LOL the link brought me here.. miss you! :D


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