Just like a high schooler again. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last night, I was sooo nervous with my bazaar gig in St. Scho. I had 2 selling experiences in my Alma Mater...And both turned out differently:

1) College org activity around Nov/Dec. (pre-Christmas) - Super successful! =)
2) For their Family Day (January) - break even only. =P

I already didn't want to participate in this bazaar when they moved it from November to January, but the college girls lowered the rates that you can't even say no to such good deal! 

Arrived there minutes before 9am, and the guard in Gate 1 was super strict as usual. He even asked me to sign a paper -- itemize everything I have with me, and place my contact info. At the end of my list, I wrote "Ana Gonzales SSC HS Batch 2003" --> Hahaha yabang lang! :D

 Ana Gonzales 

Landed here in st scho, high school bldg uliü nice nice feeling to be back home :) <3

I met my fellow bazaarista Beam of Art Wine when I reached the venue (New Building!). She's really super nice and easy to talk to, as if we were old time friends. :) 

Ate Baby and Beam in their super cute stall! :)

When the organizers came with our tables and chairs, Beam was just about to place her trays of cute velvet goodies, when kids already stampeded toward our stalls! Simultaneous ang pag set-up and transact and pa-sales-smile ko non, hahahaha! I super love the support from the Kulasas!

Kid 1: I'll bring my P500 tomorrow!
Kid 2: I'll bring my P1000!

Opposite Breaks: After their recess was our chance to have a break! :) I ate my lunch before 12--just so I am ready pag lunch break na nila! :D

 Ana Gonzales 

Eating my lunch na before pa dumating ang mob! Woo! There goes angelus bell!:D

My Egg Sandwich with extra cheese + Hash-brown! :) 
Namiss ko naman BBM with Mango-Large! :D Haha!

As predicted, more sales during the lunch break of the Grade Schoolers and High Schoolers. I really had so much fun transacting with them, benta parin mga hirit nila! :D Here are some of my twits and photos to summarize my day:

 Ana Gonzales 

May mga kids na naka baby tee and long skirt. Me: midsum nio? Kids: *tungo* Me: ay binalik na!:) snug lang ako nun e!Ü

 Ana Gonzales 

shet kamiss ka st.scho!!! Hahaha! Jem kilala ka padin ate annabelle!:)

Though I wasn't really close with Ate Annabelle when I was still a gusgusin student is SSC, she's really nice to hang out with me awhile ago. We even had a nice long conversation post-lunch (aka dead time). Boredom nearly killed me, and Ate Annabelle saved me with her St. Scho updates and stories. :) <3

 Ana Gonzales 

Ang kokyoooot ng mga grade2 o 3 nag iinquire, di ko sila kaya bentahan!!para ko silang ninanakawan ng baon!hahahaha!

 Ana Gonzales 

Omg! Gr.2 kid: ''titaaaaa...wala po kayong spiky ring?''

Here was my little stall's set-up, with the sabog-lang carpet, hahaha:

My spot is super near my dear ol' senior year tambayan with barx. :P 
Pasilip silip tuloy ako nun, I really miss our high school life!

Thought Balloon: Sino na kayang pumalit sa benches namin? :P

I also had the chance to stroll around the campus, and spotted this:
Sheeet pulutong!!!! :D

Classic "Stones"!

Constructions here and there:

Uy dati iisang pusa ka lang, ngayon angkan na kayo mga furballs a! :D

Oh shoot sorry galit siya! Hahahaha!

Later in the afternoon, my dear blogger barkada Ava came to help me out--fresh from school! :)
THANK YOU AVA! I really appreciate your time and great company!

Beam on daddykins (who helped me with ingress and egress aka taga buhat ng gamit) and Ava: "Anaaaa! You're so blessed with a very supportive dad, and a supportive friend!"
Couldn't agree more! :)

The bazaar was supposed to end at around 5:30pm, and the campus was almost empty by then. I saw the roving guards (in barong, mind you sosyal na sila kuya a haha!) asking the students na nakatambay pa sa benches/stones and high school building (naka-indian sit sa floor!) to go to their respective gates already. I was already packed up, and Ava and Beam had to leave already--but daddykins was still on his way from work. As usual. 

Oh my, parang high school lang uli! Nag flash back tuloy: this was actually normal to me every night before! Palipat lipat and nasasarhan ng gate coz dad was busy with work. But that time there's Ana who will accompany me till Gate 1 (last gate to close). Tinataguan nalang niya ang kaniyang driver so we can still extend our tambay / kalokohan time! :D 

Poor baby girl in Gate 6 waiting for her parents. :-/
Naiiyak na siya...nakakarelate ako! :S :D :P Haha!

Heard that high school will have no classes tomorrow (darn :p). Benta pa naman sila! But still, hoping for another fun day. It may just be walls and grounds--and it wouldn't be the same without the people, but it is the least I can do to pretend or feel as if I am a high schooler again. 

PS: If you are given the chance to go back or transport through time just for a day, will it be a day in your grade school, high school, or college life? :))


  1. Aww ang kukyoooot ng kids :D Benta yun pataasan pa sila ng dadalhing pera HAHAHA!

    If I can go back, I'll choose high school pa rin for sure! :) Or pwede rin college, so I can be friends with my other classmates and not be confined within my previous clique :)

  2. HAHAHAH! Ang cute nila talaga! <3 And yes I think good point din yan :) There are some reasons na would make me want to go back to college din :) But no cool-school than high school! :D Hahaha maka-rhyme lang! ;)

  3. Hihihi!!! Cant agree more Irene!!! :D Best years!!!!

  4. will never be that/this young again.
    Cheers to that, best years!!! :)

  5. "will never be that/this young again."<<--Ang sarap basahin! :) <3

  6. true! pang-motivate din sya to maximize your youth! hehe :)

    thanks for following me. i'm surprised! :) never thought you would. thank you!

  7. I love this post. :) High school, definitely! Cute nung mga bata! Haha.

  8. No prob Irene :)) Thank you so much too for following me! :) That means a lot to me too! :))

    Thank you Nariese!!! :)) Grabe ang cucute nila talaga, tapos napupush pa nila table namin sa sobrang gulo pero benta lang hahahaah :D Cant wait for later! Sana ok padin! :)

  9. Ana what's that construction thing? Bagong building? sowsyal! may pera St. Scho hahahaha grabe "memories of yesterday we'll never forget"! kumo-quote lang sa grad song ng batch natin hahahaha nice pics of St. Scho Ana kelan na ba ang batch reunion natin? 10 year reunion na in 2 years! =P

  10. Bakit walang pasok high school? :))

  11. haha! ang saya naman nito! really wanna go back to high school because of this post.=))

    Thanks also for following me. Overwhelmed ako. I hope we'll be friends.=)

  12. High school! As if naman, graduate na ako. :P
    Ang benta ng mga bata kahit di nila sinasadya. :))

  13. had fun on the first day too kahit i wasn't able to sell! hihi :) super great experience pa rin!!:) winner ang high school!!

  14. Mai: Alam mo iniisip ko din yang 10yr reunion ng batch natin! :D Exciting noh!!! :D Sa may gym area parin construction! :P Diko sure for what pero ayan nanaman ang renov--pati dun sa bldg na pinagprom-an natin--YUN under construction uli! :D haha!!

  15. Claud: HS the best! :D Haha! :D

    Anon: Perio na nila kasi,may tinatawag nang "review day"--Unfair lang! ;D Hahaha!

  16. Nadin: Natouch naman ako :) <3 Thank you also for the follow, means alot :) And yes, back to HS pls! :) hihi!

    Nadine Camille: Ay sakto ka jan! :)) Benta mga bata kahit di nila sadya hihi! :D

  17. Ava: hahahah oo winner sila! Kamiss nga kanina mga makukulet hahaha! :DThank you din for the great company!!! :))

  18. Ang cute ng photos! and nakakaaliw basahin yung captions! awww minsan ko lang maranasan kunin ng dad ko from school :P hehe

    to answer your question... siguro i'd like to go back to hs life... kasi college pa naman ako now ;) HAHA kaya hs ang namimiss ko talaga :(

    xoxo hazel

  19. Both!!! But all of my ebst memories were from HS!!!:) Koolasas forever (although I'm from St. Scho Marikina). Napa aww ako when I saw the koolasa babies buying from your booth. hehe:)

    sis yung Manila Bulleting project natin ha!:)

  20. Hazel: Super cutie nila noh? :D Pataasan pa ng baon, bata nga naman hahahaah...And yes masaya rin yang "riot" college life, but highschool--just got to be the place where you'll meet your bffs / sisters :)

  21. Yes fellow Kulasa Pax!! :D Hahaha! Ang cucute nga nila baby din tawag ko kanila but mahina lang baka mag freak out hahaha! :D YES! Saw the pegs na,buying materials tomorrow!!! :))))


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