Weekend Family "Outing" :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

When The Crazy Gonzales & the Mutucs arrived Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas last Saturday, we realized we weren't able to catch the sunset. The Mutucs (relatives from Mom's side) live way north of Metro Manila and experienced going-south traffic at its finest, hehe.

Checking out the view for an outfit post, hehe...

Denim Polo (Archive Clothing), Denim Skirt + Brown Belt (Tamems' gift from HK trip), Tan Bucket Bag (Cea's gift), Flip Flops (Havaianas gift from Ate) - Ok halos lahat gift, cheapo, haha!

Sabi ni Cea halos lahat ng outfit posts ko ang lunkot ko, so eto ang sayo! Haha!

Checked out the place where we will settle, and found out we have a veranda, yehoo!

With Cey, we love the view! Ang hangin pa! :)

Cea and I went for a walk around the place, also to check out the rates of their massage services. Disappointed that it's super mahal! =/

When we got back in our room, nag vain-pics muna kami ni Cey just to waste time, haha. Accumulated more than 300 pictures for this overnight trip!! Just because of the kalokohan, not-for-uploading pictures! ;D

Let the vain shots begin! hahaha! 

Walking shot! Yez!

Kanwari pang Preview editorial, hahaha.

Photo with my new "Rosario" hat, bought during our Petron stop-over...for only P300! :D

Cea playing with ze hat. Hahaha!

Pa-sweet? Hahaha!

Her own "editorial" pic, hahaha!

Dad and Cea's tukador pic:
Ang sweet naman ng mag-ama, hahaha!!!

The Mutucs then called us from their room downstairs (we had the whole top floor to ourselves!), so we can stroll around the place and feel the cool breeze. It's near Tagaytay, explains the nice climate. :) <3
No nice night photos though, my camera is getting rusty. =P 

Went back, and saw that dinner is already served! Yey!

After eating, we went upstairs to our own veranda for (my) coffee break and some kwentuhans.

Dad grew up in Tanauan, Batangas, and so he told us about his own hiking and camping adventures--going to Taal or Makiling for days, etc. I hope I can have my own interesting stories to tell to my kids in the future. :) Maybe I should join a reality show or something, hahaha!

During our tambay, we witnessed a fireworks display right across our veranda! Must be for the wedding we saw earlier! :)

Boom, Boom, Boom, Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon!

It was only 11pm and the peeps decided to call it a day already! I was still hyper, and I am used to sleeping at around 3am-ish, that I had a difficult time sleeping even with the lights off. I want my internet time! :P 

I decided to use my mobile for web surfing, and also texted Ate who was left in Manila because she had office last Saturday (kawawa). After more sound trips, twist-and-turns, and counting of sheep, I finally fell asleep.


Woke up at around 7am already, and the Mutucs were already done with their morning walk. So I hopped out of bed to check out the view from our veranda.....

I saw that dad was already out for a jog!

Decided to run after him, but he was really determined to breathe some fresh air that morning!

Jogged by the lake...

While I followed him with my (again!) cup of coffee...

Jogged by the pool-side... (Ang sipag mo lang dad a, hahaha)

Criss Cross he goes!

Rested in the nice sun-bathing-chairs...Napapagod ka din pala? :D Hahahah!

We saw a forest-y road... What a beautiful place! :)

Dad posing with the jackfruits...

And he asked me to do this... HAHA!
Sorry kung baduy!!! Hahahah! But I am daddykins' girl! ;)

Spotted these weird bougainvilleas... (Who can spell that plant without spell-checker? Haha!)

And then dad came across the church. He is really very religious, there was a time we went to church, then The Feast (worship group that last for 2 hours), then we even prayed the rosary and had bible reading--all in one afternoon!

Ayan si takbo na naman! Hahaha!

Went inside, and fell in love with the church's interiors. 
I really love this type of floorings. :)

Short, quiet, and beautiful conversations with our Creator. :)

When we got back to our place, I noticed that everyone's having breakfast already...

...While si Cea ay log-tu padin, haha!
^ Hello Tender Juicy unan! ;)

They had their meal outside, in the veranda, to maximize the view and nice climate. :)

While Le Tamadera Bunsoy would rather have hers in bed, haha!

Nth coffee so I can last the day after sleepless night+too-early-for-me gising!

I can't believe my cousins Jed and Ate Ginger brought swimsuits with them! They asked if I wanted to join them for a swim, and I ran to change right away!

Walked with Tita Emma and Mom by the lake, they wanted more photo ops hehe...

Love this place! :)

With the cousins + Cey!

Whenever I see rafts and lakes, I always remember mah boys Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn--hehe!

The mag "friendships" hehehe! :) Tita Emma and Mom.

Off to swim! The Club Balai Isabel have two different pools!

One comes with a slide, which I wasn't able to try--dahil parang natatakot nako mag slide ngayon, haha!

The other is a huge infinity pool, with the view of the lake--as if you're in it! :D

When I dipped my toes in the water.....WOW

I had fun though, and even tried crossing the 8 or 9ft deep pool. Haven't swam in a pool FOR YEARS. It was a relief to know that I can still apply basic swimming--akala mo naman ang galing, dog paddle ftw padin! Hehehe. I realized, palaging beach ang pinuputahan na namin ng barkada! 

I also had a nice conversation with my cousins on some destinations to try-out (must go on a Zambales road trip!), and even looked back on our solid-outings when we were still kids. Renting a pool with a small house every summer, funny memories of drowning cousins and freaking-out titas (haha), slides in Hillsborough, Water Fun and Splash Island!, and swimming with a stick of bbq or hotdog on one hand. :D Oh good ol' memories! :)

What I wore: I am actually your biggest lola when swimming, as I am the most conservative girl in the planet. Hahaha! Never donned two-piece swimsuit, never will. Haha! My cutesy pambata swimwear was bought in SM's Copacabana last year (haha!), plus I used my Archive Clothing denim polo as pa-chic cover up every time I go out of the pool. :) 

Walked around the place one more time after resting and eating...So we can have more group shots.

I lilly lilly love my new hat! :) <3

Medyo umaambon na non, but we still managed to take some group photos...

The Crazy Gonzales minus Ate. :P

Everyone! :)

It was a short outing, but an outing still. Ate Ginj will leave for her Singapore life-adventure next week, and I sincerely wish her well and may she find her dreams there asap. Can't wait to actually have an out-of-country trip with the family, and my mom brought up that she wanted to celebrate New Year 2012 with Ate Ginj in Singapore. Now that's something to look forward to. :)

Yey for families! :) <3

For more info on Club Balai Isabel, visit their website.


  1. Yey for families! ♥

    That's a beautiful place sis! Super enjoy for sure, especially with people you love :)

    I really, really love the editorial pics haha!

    And wow, you wearing your yellow shirt, super fresh-faced! :D

  2. Thanks Krissy!!! :)) Really love the place, if only i have koche madali siya iroad trip :) Cant wait to see you!!! :)

  3. The place is lovely. Ang saya ng inyong family weekend getaway!! :D Pang-members lang ba yan? hahaha parang ang sarap mag-stay for the Holy Week :D

  4. Ang ganda ng Balai! I wanna go there! sobrang halata na nag enjoy kayo lahat! awww, na miss ko tuloy mag family outing/trip. :)

    xx, Channie

  5. Mai thank you so much!!! :) Oo nga noh ok na ok na pang holy week! One of my tita owns a unit there kaya hindi ko napansin if pang member lang siya, gotta check about that!:D I wonder nga if mag retreat uli ako this holy week hmm....

    Channie thank you so much! :) The best ang family outings pala, libre halos lahat hahaha! Namiss ko din to! Hat lang gastos ko, lahat provided na nila hehehe :) <3

  6. Cool! Dad got an xdeal membership here cos we supplied kayaks.. We've never tried spending the night there yet... Must try it soon. It looked relaxing enough the last time I visited :)

  7. Ang cool naman Raleene that the kayaks came from your family! :D Awesome! Wanted to try that, but hindi siya available I think that time, same as jetski and banana boat haha! :D

    Hivenn: Thank you! :)

  8. awww, parang gusto ko atang mag field trip kasama ang pamilya ngayon!

  9. Hihihi masaya naman siya!!! :)) Mapayapa since bawal bisyo (hehehe) and free pa lahat hehe! :))

  10. Na-miss ko magkape dahil sa post na 'to!

  11. Wahahahah!!! :D Coffee Lovers Club!!! <3

  12. following you now...ganda ng venue nyo! your family is cute by the way! =)

  13. Ey thank you! :) Nice words about my family mean so much to me :))

  14. Hey Anagon,

    Wondering where you got your cool denim blouse. Want one after watching The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Hehe.

    Sandy Miguel

  15. Hi Sandy!!! :) I got it online,! :))


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