Mrs. Marasigan's Race to 500! =)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

As posted in my PS in this entry, I am very fortunate to be part of an online fundraising project for my former high school teacher in St. Scho. A little backgrounder, Ginang Marasigan needs P500K for an operation to save her life. Otherwise, the next heart attack might be fatal. And so, with my grade school best friend Giselle Munoz, we opened an FB page where we can invite and gather all Kulasas who had been touched by Mrs. Mara to spread this news, pray for our teacher, and give our financial support.

In just 2 days, we have raised P36,620! Kulasa Power, indeed! :D I know that anything is possible. We will be able to meet our goal! :)

Last night, I was cooking my dinner, when I checked my phone and got a missed call and an unexpected text message from Mrs. Mara herself. She asked me to call her, so I did--and I got a heartwarming conversation with my high school Filipino teacher. She told me her stories, and how she felt so blessed and overwhelmed with what we, her students, are doing for her. I was teary eyed most of the time. Here are some snippets I remember from our conversation last night; words that truly hit home.

"Sobrang natouch ako! I am so overwhelmed with all the support I received from my students. Of different batches! Not only for the financial assistance, I am so thankful even for all those who prayed for me!"

"I am sad that I got sick. But I am also happy. That through this, I am able to gather my students who haven't met each other for a long time!"

"I know as a teacher whenever I go inside the classroom, I am there to teach everything that I know. I've always been true to my profession."

"Pranka ako e. hindi ko sinasabi pag pasok ng classroom na tawagin akong mommy. So when they call me mommy, alam mong we have established a special relationship. Hindi pilit. But you know, outside the classroom, I've always been a mom to my students. The students who have been close to me will tell me I am their second mom."

"A batch '90 student visited me before in Makati Med. I told her I don't know why I am getting all these support from my student, and she told me 'You sow what you reap'. I feel so blessed, and you are all in my prayers."

"Buti nalang hindi ako patay na nanyari to. I am happy to see all these while I'm still alive."

Thank you Mrs. Mara, you've always been an inspiration.

It was a nice moment to get in touch with my former teacher again. I know that what we're doing for her "ay kulang pa." Our teachers are worth all of these, and even more. <3

Photos from Pax 90, 96, 98, 99, 2003
Should you wish to give love offerings, please deposit to BPI Acct Name: Evelyn Marasigan Acct No: 2779002023.


  1. I'm a bit envious since I never had such a connection to a teacher, but your story is truly touching - it's amazing how you guys raised so much in just two days! I wish Mrs Mara a speedy recovery!

  2. Anagon! How do I donate? I'm not really sure if Mrs. Marasigan became my teacher pero what the heck! Lemme know how I could donate I don't get to check my FB much cos it's blocked here sa office.

    Thank you!! :)

  3. Mai: Honestly I wasnt that close with Mrs. Mara way back in high school! :)) Im a bit not into being too close with my teachers, kahit college hehe...But I have my own "favorites", I treat them as people I look up to, and one of them is Mrs. Mara :))

    Mai2! :)) heheheh! I forgot to include that! Thank you for reminding! :)) Baka sakali other readers would want to offer their help din kahit they dont know mrs mara, thankyou for your generosity! :)

    Should you wish to give love offerings, please deposit to BPI Acct Name: Evelyn Marasigan Acct No: 2779002023.

  4. awww.. :( this is very touching, Ana.. naiyak ako.. :(

  5. Awwwww... It's so nice of you and your friends to be helping your teacher. :) You guys are so sweet. Sana your fundraising project will be very successful. :)

  6. That's so sweet! :( I hope you guys raise enough funds!

  7. OMG! We (me and my sisters) are all from St. Scho, I've never been under Mrs. Marasigan but I recognize her. You're all so nice to do this. I'll contact some of my classmates as well see what they can do to help. Keep up the good work guys!


  8. Oh my gosh! She was my teacher on my senior year! So sad to hear about her illness. Perhaps it's true that some misfortunes are blessings in disguise, because this was an opportunity for her to really know how much her students love and appreciate her, and a chance for Scholasticans to get together again.

  9. Hi, ana! I really hope you reach your goal!:)

  10. this post is so bittersweet! it's sad that a great person is sick pero ang dami dami talaga niyang love and support. she's super lucky to have you guys. :) i'm sure you'll reach your target amount soon! will include her in my prayers too <3


  11. nakakainis nakakaiyak ahhh!! this is so nice of you! prayers coming her way for speedy recovery...

  12. naiyak ako kase my english teacher from hs died just last week because of breast cancer naman. late detection daw. hayyy.

  13. Anagon dear,
    That's a good thing that you are doing. I was close to a couple of my teachers, but I haven't talked to them in so long. You make me want to connect with them again. Thank you.
    I hope your days are beautiful.


  14. Aww. Sweet. I've had a lot of teachers that the whole class got close to but we don't keep in touch now anymore. :|

  15. Irene, Alexa, Michelle, Nix, Pau, Ava, Reg, Aie, Tywo, and Francesca: Thank you so much girls! :)) All your prayers combined will help Mrs Mara! :) I am sincerely touched by you guys, for your reactions to somebody you havent even met yet! :,) THANKYOU and Long Live Love!!!!!!!!! <3


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