Tired but with a grateful heart. :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Today was jam-packed. Went to an event in the morning with the lovely Ava and Honey, then to gazillion and one meet ups all over Metro Manila. Just like last week. I'll twit rants on how tired I already am from circling the whole metro (ng commute!), and how my buyers will wake me up with continuous beep once from my cellphone, and ang dami ko pang order forms na kailangang replyan. And I'll get mentions saying at least kumikita ako and stuff.

But the truth is, I've been busy handling orders for my own fundraising for my high school teacher Mrs. Mara (blogged here). All those meet ups and errands are for my Kulasa Keychains Project... Selling these:

Through the Mrs. Mara's Race to 500 FB page for P150, wherein P100 will go to Mrs. Mara's operation (not to me). I didn't expect the downpour of orders from my fellow Kulasas. The human in me, imperfect and all, grew tired from meeting people from La Salle to UST then to Greenbelt, and then back to Alabang... And then go home to make more key chains for next day's shipping.

Whenever I lack wires or key chain holders, I have to contact my suppliers again. There were cancelled meet ups the last minute, when I'm on my way already. I have to admit.. Nakakapagod din tumulong. But at the end of the day, when I know in my heart that what I am doing is for LOVE...I feel that I am on the right track. As tweeted awhile ago:

 Ana Gonzales 

I am sooo tired but my heart is grateful. :) Thank you Lord! :)

And guess what, imagine tig P100 lang per key chain, but here's the amount I've already deposited in Mrs. Marasigan's account:

...That's only batch 1, and more pending orders! :-) 

And, with perfect timing, I just read these beautiful words from my favorite blogger Chuvaness' new post:

Hard to explain, but if my thoughts are real, there is nothing to fear. I read somewhere that when we die will realize that the real message is as simple as Love.
I have some friends that are going through problems, and I just want to tell them even though things seems like a big deal right now, maybe we shouldn't worry too much because there is something bigger out there and it is not on planet Earth.

The biggest and most real motivation is LOVE.

Please do continue to pray for Mrs. Mara. Her doctors will talk to her this Friday regarding her operations, and she admitted through text that she's "tensed, but I believe this is in accordance to God's will". And if you may, please do pray for me too...I easily get tired (must be the lack of meat? hope not hehe) and sickly (maybe from too much commuting, a.k.a. sobrang langhap ng polusyon)...But I want to have more energy to do all things for God's greater glory. At the end of the day, it's all about LOVE. Thank you Lord!


  1. One of the reasons why you're business is doing good is because you're such a nice person. :-) I'm sure Mrs. Mara feels so blessed and loved because of what you (and other people) are doing for her.

  2. Ishna! :) You're still up! like me! Hehehe! :) Thank you for saying these... It really motivates me to work harder..Thank you! :) <3

  3. You're such a good person! You used your artistic talent to help other people. I love your work! More power!

  4. Thank you so much Meme... :) we are all innately good, and I hope this post will inspire :) Thank you!

  5. I love how you're using your talent in helping people. More power, Ana! :)

  6. Sa totoo lang, ikaw ang isa sa mga pinaka mabait na tao na nakilala ko.. Sinasabe ko yan kahit na hindi pa tayo nagkakilala, just by reading your posts and of course obvious naman sa entry na ito.. Nakakapagod yun mga ginagawa mo.. Ako nga kahapon sa rob lang ako nagpunta, pagod na pagod ako eh! Kaloka kase mag commute! Pero kahit na ganun, go ka pa din para lang makatulong... Bless your heart, Ana :) More power to you and your business and sa lahat ng goals mo sa buhay :)

  7. 'The biggest and most real motivation is LOVE.'
    a good heart will go a long way!!

  8. Ana, God will reward you're beautiful heart. I know Anagon is on it's way to the top! Love you sister!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. This is so admirable of you! :) More power to you! :)

  10. Alexa thank you! :) I always think it's the goal in life, to use your God-given talents to purposes that will please His eyes. :) God bless!

  11. Honey A! :) thankyou so much! Lahat naman tayo pagod, kaya hindi lang ako dapat mag rant hehehe, thankyou though for the best company, sobrang worth it! :) Kahit walang freebies and stuff, masaya tayo! :)) <3 See ya soon queen bee!!!

  12. Thank you Liezyl, Krissy, and Melai! :) You guys are the best! :))) <3

  13. Wow. You're definitely on the right track! Galing mo. Very inspiring!

    All you need is love, ika nga!

    I remember the keychain you gave me before. Nasa akin pa yun. :)

  14. wow, Ana! That's a lot of keychains na! :D Ang galing mo! :)

  15. Aww Claud ang galing! :D Thank you for keeping that <3 :)

    Irene! :) Super daaaami talaga hehehe, made new ones pa kagabi, and im sure that's not the end of it! :D hehehe! Thank you for the compliment :)

  16. You have such a good heart, Ana. The world needs more people like you. It's true that love can move mountains, noh?

    sent you an email :)

  17. I love that :) Sabi nga ni Mutya, sana'y pag ibig nalang ang isipin..hehehehe :D <3 :)

  18. hi...please message me, I'd like to place bulk orders to help raise funds for Ms. Mara...= )

  19. Thank you so much! Emailing you rightaway! thanks for your generous heart!! =)


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