Bloggers and Froyos.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How do we Bloggers click?

Let me count the ways (through Red Mango analogies! ;))...

We may be of different sizes....

Some may come too hard, others may look too soft...

We may have different preferences, personalities...

...tastes, and combinations...

..We may have different bases or backgrounds...

But we respect each other's differences, and treat each other well! :)

...Aaaaand, of course, new bloggers are always welcome. :)

Watch out for the Red Mango's newest frozen yogurt flavor: Blueberry!
Coming out in a few weeks!!!

Red Mango is located in the following malls: Eastwood Mall, Ayala Center Cebu, MOA, Trinoma, Mega Mall, and my fave branch--Greenbelt 3! :)


  1. hahahaha!!! nice one!!!!! good morning ana babes! see u later! :)

  2. Thank you for appreciating Honey A! Yike makaligo naaa hahaha!!!! See you in a bit!!! =D Nakapunta ka na ba ever sa Pedro Gil!?? :)) Heheheh! Omg! :D

  3. That looks like fun! I wish I could also meet bloggers too and hang out like this xD

  4. Such a cute post you have here! :)

  5. "How do we Bloggers click?"

    Your group (the fashion bloggers), in particular, is one of the nicest in the blogosphere, that's why. I've seen some really nasty sub groups in the blogosphere...

  6. Naks! Gandang comparison. Friends+Froyos, perfect! ;))

  7. Medyo napaka creative ng post mo, beb! hehe galing! true yan..different toppings yet we click!

  8. YAY! Tama ako. :))
    Sana mawala na yung ubo ko para matikman ko yung Blueberry froyo.

  9. Ana! kakagutom! but nice analogies ha :)

  10. aww. i love the part when you said newbies are welcome, and i'm a newbie. i hope i could hang out with amazing fashion bloggers like you. after that happens, i could die. hahaha!

    i love your blog, btw! im following you right now :)

  11. Thank you thank you guys for appreciating!!! :) <3 Aie, Pau, Michelle, Skysenshi, Ishna, Ava, Nadine, Hazel, Ghelaiii, and Alexa!!! :))) <3

  12. im surprised they didnt get you as endorser.

  13. Zomg pwedeng matouch? Hahaha! Super natouch naman ako Liezyl!!!! <3 Hahahaha! Thank youuu!!!


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