What I will miss in the DLSU Animo Bazaar:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

1) The Foods:

2) The festive fair managed by the students themselves!:

That's fellow blogger busy-girl Ef in black top and brown sling bag, the amazing girl behind the big fashion show held last Friday! :)

They used Anagon Collection accessories! :))

3) The Bazaar Area in Yuchengco Lobby:

Favorite booth near my stall, the gaming booth na dinudumog ng boys! Super sigaw sila kung sigaw, mura kung mura kahit maaga palang, haha!

4) Making Accessories for the sobrang supportive La Sallistas:

The made-to-order connector rings, my big hit in this bazaar!

5) And last but not the least, meeting new and old friends...people I get to hangout with during the bazaar! :)

The Green Fusion Team, with Ickay and Jazz! :)
Jazz always visited my booth, especially during the "patay na oras" and I am bored to death, thank you!

With my fellow Thomasian, Ickay! :) <3

Also shared stories, laughtrip, and food trip with Megann:
Thank you for keeping me company, kundi nakatulog nako! :) And also, for buying items from my stall every time you go there! Haha! I loved laughing with you! :)

I also met Farrah last Friday, a sweet and cutie blog reader. :) 
Thank you for making me feel that working on my blog is worth it! :) Thank you for approaching me!!

And of course....
Wouldn't leave the bazaar without saying goodbye and thank you to my neighbors: The Ice Monster team! Ate and Kuya helped me the whole week, especially when I was alone in my booth and needed to go on a CR or food break! They are really nice people, and I'll surely miss them!!!! 

Again and again and again, I am sincerely thankful DLSU for your all-out support for my brand, Anagon Collection. Thank you for always dropping by my stall, even just to check out if items are on sale na (haha), or just to tryout and take photos with my new hipster round shades and glasses (hehehe). =) I'll miss my stint there! :) Till the next! 

A Thomasian in love with La Salle, 
Anagon. =) <3

Since it was my last day yesterday, the family had a little post-bazaar tradition of celebrating through a nice dinner. We went to North Park little way of saying thank you to them for supporting me in my endeavors. Love the Crazy Gonzales forever!!! :))) <3


  1. ice monster!!! tagal ko na hindi nakakakain nyan :( haha! congrats ana! see you tom!

  2. Thank you Regggg!!! Ako din dun nalang uli nakakain, super sooo-college niya hahaha :D See you tomorrow!!! Yahooo!!!

  3. Hi sis :) thank you for being such a good seller my mom was thankful also for the hipster shades :3 and me for my cat and mouse ring ;3 will surely buy new stuffs from you again :3 thumbs up~!

  4. Sis thank you talaga for being such a good seller :3, my mom really liked the hipster shades plus I love the cat and mouse ring :3 , thank you for the smooth transaction, I will definitely buy from you again :D thank ulit :3

  5. thank you too jewel for always supporting Anagon Collection! :) And to your mom too!!!! :))))

  6. Aww, thank you for being there Ana!!! Katuwa naman yung shots ko :)) Busy lang natin! :)) Next time again pag may event samin join ha! :-D Love you Ana!!!

  7. Congratulations at na-survive mo ang 5-day bazaar! Glad to know you sales were going well and nagkaroon pa ng pahabol just when you were stacking the rings already. ;) I guess we spoke too soon when we said na sayang wala nang humabol. Congrats again and thanks for letting me chill there. Sobrang temptation ang Anagon Collection (rhyming)! :)) Thank you for the rings and the other items I got. Woohoo! Til the next one. Hope to see you again! Suking suki na ang DLSU at WG sayo haha! Thanks for handling our LEAP class too. Nice to know you enjoyed naman your bazaar stay. :D

    PS. Love the new header ha! :) Ang cute lang. Hehe haba na ng comment ko :))

  8. i tried to look for ice monster today.. wala na malapit dito sa amin.. :(

    kung nagbenta ka kaya ng ust goodies jan, magagalit ba cla? haha :D LOL *joke

  9. aww ana sorry wasn't able to drop by na nung friday 'cause it was my dad's bday! :( i miss DLSU na! through your photos, parang di ko rin namiss yung bazaar haha :))

  10. Congratulations on having such an awesome stall! I got awesome accessories from you and they're all my current favorite! :D

  11. Ef: Hahaha! :D I was checking out from my stall if start na kaya i went there and saw na nagpreprepare palang kayo hihihi :) <3 thank you too!!!

    megann: thank you so much din!!! benta nga yun may pahabol pa, pati yung rock star ring experience!!! thank you for staying with me during the patay na oras!!! :D suki ako ng dlsu, kayo naman suki ko din hehehe!

    Irene: hahahah go uste pin pwede din heheheh! :D

    Hazel: hahaha thank you! :) Hope to be back in dlsu din soon!!!

    Mimi: Yehey glad to hear that! I have a new suki yey! :))

    Aie: hahaha! sarap lang kumain ng kumain!!! :D

  12. You have a beautiful family! Ang cute niyo, Crazy Gonzaleses! :)

  13. i've been following you since Candy days pa! I have all the issues where you and anagon accessories were featured! hahaha. thanks for the photo-op. lol :))

  14. Awwwww thank you sooo much Farrah!!! I cant express how much I am so touched and thankful with this! :) <3 Thank you for appreciating everything, this means a lot :)))


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