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Saturday, February 19, 2011

When you are always with me, you'll know that I am the biggest Vitamin C addict!

"Vit C", as I fondly call it, helps me in my fast-paced life, managing my business full-force-- which includes meet ups with both suppliers and buyers, answering all online messages in my mail and online shops, answering order forms, designing, taking photos of my products, blogging, attending events, sometimes modelling for my products, editing the pictures before posting them, shipping orders through my favorite courier Xend, etcetera etcetera.

That's why I don't take my health for granted, especially since when I get sick, buong business ko affected. I become unproductive when I have the flu, I just waste my day in bed. With Vitamin C, I prevent getting sick...Plus it boosts my energy when I am out and about the polluted Metro, commuting jeeps, buses, trains, and trics just to get to my meet ups.

Then the big brand OISHI came up with SMART C +:

Smart C is the newest and coolest drink from Oishi, which is loaded with Vitamin C. It comes in 3 flavors, namely Orange Crush, Pomelo Grapefruit, and my favorite the Lemon Squeeze. Here are the top 3 reasons why I am in love with Smart C + :

I always buy Smart C during my one week bazaar gig in DLSU, and although sooobrang tired, I didn't get sick because I am loaded with Vitamin C! 

It is not a malagkit drink. I don't like bottled juices na ang lagkit, mas nakakauhaw
Smart C is thirst quenching, I even drink it with my meals!

And last but not the least, Smart C + is a delicious and easy to carry around Vitamin C in a bottle! 
I take 2 500 mL vitamin C after breakfast daily, but with Smart C+, I can load up on my Cs even in between the day!

Keep a healthy and productive life by taking care of yourself. :) <3


  1. Ana!! Too bad I missed this day :( may school conference kasi ako that lasted for 7 hours..ewy. =| But looks like fun! huhu. At least twin megann was there! Love the new wire art!! and nice header ah!

  2. No prob Ava!!! :))
    And thank youuuu this was made by blogger francesca!!! :)))


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