Wired Heads.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Megann linked to me this photo from Yvan Rodic's site (Facehunter). Note the wire gold headband of the third girl:

Which resembles my Golden Slumber Wired Heads! =) :

Which was modeled by the pretty Jeshrel Co for Anagon Collection:

The photo that circulated thousands of Tumblr pages:
The three beautiful photos were taken by one of my fave young photographers Chai Mungcal.

Btw, Chai also wears the Anagon Collection GS Wired Heads in one of her blog posts:

Lovely. <3

You can own Wired Heads (in gold or silver) for only Php 180. :)


  1. Wow! ^^ Ana I want! ^^ can I have a customized letters/words? if yes, how many letters max? Ung s head band style, ^^

  2. Hi Ann! :) Any number of letters I guess! P180 parin :)))

  3. Yung "third girl" is Andy of style scrapbook! she's a very famous blogger and stylist. :) ikaw na anagon!!! siguro naman meron ka na time for a feature?? :D

  4. Ooooh omg naman sorry hindi ko alam haha! :D id love a feature!!! But WAIT! Hindi sa akin yung suot ni "third girl" nagulat lang ako na it resembled my design for wired heads hihi :D

  5. parang bet ko to. kasya kaya sa head ko? more jesus christ lang. isama mo na din sya sa order kong shades ana.

  6. nakaabot kay Andy Torres ang Anagon? chos! bongga yan bet ko ata yan how much?

  7. Yehey thank you so much Karl!!! :)))

    Aie hahahah I wish!!! :))) Bili na P180 palang siya now, bukas P500 na pag asa SM na siya, jok! :D hahaha!!!


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