Ubusang Pera.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Were you there last Sunday during the first ever Bloggers' Closet? :)

Here are some photos from last weekend's fun n' fab affair. Make sure next time you'll be there! :D

Ava picked me (and my 2 ga-higante bags!) in Landmark Makati:

Gersh was also there, our official navigator:

And of course, cutie Athan was beside me! :) HEEH!
"Look! A car!" Hehehe! :) <3 Sucha sweetheart!!!

The first thing that greeted me when we arrived the venue:
A froyo machine! A business of Ping-Ping, how cool is that? :D

First to try it! Just perfect for the hot sunny Sunday! (Summer na talaga noh?)

Iskrambol was also there:

Honey enjoying her cold treat:

Also tried it:
The chocolate ice scramble is good! :) Now I know what the fuss is all about, hah!

My very own clothes area! 

Bags sold by Honey!

More clothes from the Bloggers:

...And accessories!

Aie of In Aie's Shoes manning our accessories table: 

With the gang:
photo from honey

Ava, Yours Truly, and Aie--who already bought 3 items from the different stalls while we were still setting up, haha!:
Showing off her skulls bracelet from Anagon Collection! :) Anagon Girl ka na rin, yey!

Yey! One of our first buyers, Arizia! :)

I love her color combo--so summery!

Athan was soooo happy to see neighborhood kids!

"Look! A BABY!!!" - Athan

He went so hyper! Such an adorable kid!

Finally met the other half of the Walkie Talkies band--Rizza!
She bought a polo from my rack! The sisters also got accessories from me! Thank you Ral and Riz!

Our late lunch:
PIZZA PARTAAAY!!! :D Craving for the cheese pizza now! :D

My achi Pax arrived, as usual, LATE! :D Hahaha! 
Drinking my mug of coffee kahit mainit. Haha.

Still, gotta love her energy! :) Everyone went hyper again when she arrived! 
Si Pax na ang kape ng bazaar nato, hahaha!

With Nicole, Paula, Krissy, Ava, Aie, Donna, Melai, Honey, Yours Truly, and Freddie Aguilar--este--Pax! Haha! <3

Another blogger I met during the bazaar: Dianne! :) 
She got lots of stuff from my rack, like my basic black blazer! :)

Ate Mae is now officially my suki!

Krissy, trying out my Mustache Necklace!
photo from krissy

Allyza, a cutie huggable neighborhood kid! Who ordered a customized connector ring!
...Wire Connector Rings were my best-seller for this bazaar!

Caught in the Act: Making the wired ring order of Aie:
photo from raleene

photo from honey

Photo from Ate Mae

With my girl, Krissy! :)
Our movie-Bigoli date a!!!

I had been a bazaar participant for years, but selling with my fellow bloggers for BLOGGERS' CLOSET is THE BEST! We were all tired and haggard from the heat--Honey and I even finished a pitcher of cold water na parang inuman lang--but all is well in the end. =) I actually cannot wait for Part 2 already!!! :)))

Oh, and look what I snagged from another blogger's rack:

A Dorothy Perkins dress for only P200! :D 

I am now Summer Ready! :) <3

Don't miss the Part 2 coming s-o-o-n! :)


  1. hi may online shop po ba yung nagtitinda ng bags?

  2. Hi! :) She doesnt have one pa, but you may reach her through her blog at :))))

  3. waaaahh!! may candid photos pala ako sa car!! hahaha

  4. ang yagit ko.. haha ^_^

    love everything i bought from you guys.. will definitely go to the 2nd blogger's closet sale.. and spend more!!(uh-oh!).. haha :)

    Btw, what you did reminds me of

  5. Awwww... This looks sooo fun! :) Congrats on the event guys! :)

  6. omg, naiinggit ako!!! ang dami kong nakitang gusto bilhin!!! hahaha:)

  7. I love love love Bloggers' Closet!! Let's do this forever!!! =D

  8. I keep on seeing all these photos of the sale, makes me go "awwwww :(" I hope to pass by next time!! Sana naman! Job well done Ana and the rest of the ladies! :D

  9. Arizia!! :) Hindi kaya! Ganda padin noh! :) Wow just saw the link, ang cool naman!!! <3 ang cool that bloggers' all over are organizing projects together <3

  10. Thank you Alexa!!! Sana next time you're here!! :)) <3

    Hi Reg!!! Sa round 2 a!!! :))

    Yes Krissy, oo nga!!! Sana araw araw bloggers' closet--naks parang pasko lang hahaha!!

    Velire thank you! :) love your blog, and welcome to the fashionista commuter! :) naks hehe! :))

  11. freddie aguilar pala ah! hahahaha joke. super fun te! and super sinful! ubusan nga ng pera. boooooooooooooo

  12. Hi Ana! it's so nice meeting you!,i really really had a wonderful time! ..parang gusto ko na rin mag-blog? hahahaha -Paula

  13. ahaha ubusan ng pera talaga Ana! Ang dami may gusto nung ring mag oorder ako for my 2 sisters and my niece... tapos a lot of people really want my gay skull bracelet lol! gawa ka pa nun teh benta sha! =)

  14. Congratulations on the successful event! Wish I was there. And wow. Dorothy Perkins dress for 200php is such an awesome steal!

  15. Pax: Sinful dahil ubusang pera o dahil sa may gusto tayong idaan nalang sa "russian hat"? :D Hahahaha!!! :))) Till next laughtrip!!!!

    Paula!!! Why nat?? :D Masaya yun, love ko ang style mo!! :)))

    Aie: WAH! benta ang gay skull bracelets, sana maiulit ko pa sila!!! :D Salamat buena mano nga pala kita hahah!!! :)))

    Thank you Ishna!!! :)) Till next bloggers closet!=)

  16. Hope you hold the 2nd bloggers event somewhere nearer! Just seeing your pics, I would've loved to hoard accessories, bags and clothes :)

  17. Where are you from? :)) We will try to have one sa iba ibang places, going south next, or cubao!!! :))) Maybe we should make a survey heheh :))
    Btw, love your blog name :)

  18. Anaaa! Please make the part 2 sa south!! :( HAHAHA! Meg and I will be present!

  19. Hahahah hello Bea!!! :))) Sige I'll suggest to them!! :) Wish ko Makati naman hihihi!

  20. Congrats ate! Your bloggers' closet is a hit! ^_^

  21. Fro yo looks delicious! ^_^

  22. Thank you Francesca! :)) And yes the fro yo is delish! :D


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