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Little Ms. Stylist Assistant

I was in the very posh and sosy Dusit Makati last Sunday for a shoot with stylist, fellow blogger and my sistah Pax. If you're a fellow commuter, alam nating super lapit nitech sa Ayala Station, kaya when I was invited to help out, go go go si ako! :) 
Ang cool lang ng tandem nila ni Jear. They assign sets na sa kanilang dalawa, then they do all the pull-outs pre-shoot, may print outs pa of their pegs--from clothes, poses, makeups, LAHAT! I look up to these guys...super organized! :) 
I met them in a hotel room reserved for the team (this is for Manila Bulletin nga pala :))...And I was assigned to assist cool-chemist-by-day Jear. We had the first shoot sa poolside...

Hakot lahat ng clothes and accessories and whathaveyous from the room to the pool area...

With Jear's mom, I love tita! :) Super concerned sa gutom ko, hahaha! :D

One of the models, Marie, with my Anagon Water Baby piece. :-)  Do check out :) I've uploaded all 13 pieces in this new project: SS2011 Tr…

L is for Little Black Dress

This is a black dress, but my camera's flash made it look navy, hehe: The Base of the many costume changes for that day!

First of all, I know, I skipped K--because the only 2 Ks in The One Hundred list are Knee Boots and Khakis--Both I currently don't have, haha! I'll get my hands on a pair of khaki trousers or shorts tomorrow, hehe. :P Parang ang cute since summer naman! :)
Anyway, L is for the Little Black Dress: the most sulit investment garment you can ever buy for yourself. Timeless, ba. As Nina Garcia said in her book: "Consider your LBD a black canvass instead of a fallback. It demands to be accessorized and adorned."

So I wore my Get Laud jersey LBD on a Wednesday na may two events ako...

For the afternoon cocktail party by Mary Kay, I wore it with this really weird and colorful cropped top my mom used daw nung bininyagan ako (I have a thing for clothes with sentimental value): Accessorized with a brown hat (not in pic, haha), brown drivers shoes (Hush Puppies)…

J is for Jeans

I am not your jeans kind of girl. I love my shorts, but my pants? Nevahmind

That's why when I wore my denim pants last weekend for Saturday Movie Club with Ana (we watched Limitless, cool film!) friend had a good laugh. I never bought a pair in the recent months because they can be so uncomfy and mainit suotin, but for this Style A-Z mini blog project, gora nalang! Haha! Anyway, I had this pair since college--when skinny jeans were starting to be uso palang! :D
"It is very stressful, that is, until you realize that it's not the label or the cost that makes a pair of jeans perfect; it's the way they fit and the way they make you feel. Mostly, it's about how you look when you walk away..." - The One Hundred, Nina Garcia
I hope I can find that perfect pair of jeans...So perfect, I'll find reasons to wear them every time I go out! Haha!

Here are other things we did on our Saturday afternoon malling / chilling out, aside from watching Limitless:
UCC Fries an…

Store I Adore: Ghoent Junior

I have always been in love with soft bags with quirky designs:

Convertible into hand or sling bag:

And I also have a thing with Vintage Bauls:

That's why when I learned about the online shop Ghoent Junior, I instantly fell in love all over again.
The brand Ghoent Junior came from the founders' names Ghoent and Jan Ralph, both smart kids who went to UP Diliman. The cute couple started this online shop by helping each other in creating items that are not mass produced. Ghoent (yes, that's a girl's name!) is in charge of the designs of the products and the site maintenance, while Jan Ralph takes care of the logistics such as sourcing for materials, transporting, and storing the goods.
"We are not trend followers; partly because we can not afford such a lifestyle, and mainly because we are unbelievably practical," said the adventurous and fun-loving Ghoent Junior owners in their website.
"We are at a constant search for the discovery of things - whether its the be…

ANAGON in Green Evolution!

Epic Friday night, as my new brand ANAGON joins DLSU JEMA's Green Evolution:

They told me it will be a summer fashion show at the Gold Palm Events Place in Makati, so I said yes right away. I really wanted to showcase my new line--na hindi ko pa nabibigyan ng decent photo shoot hanggang ngayon--hay. :P Can you spot the Anagon Collection logo? :)

I tried to go there as late as I can, especially when they informed me the show will start at around 9ish pa, and with the fashion show as the last in their program lineup, haha! Went there coming from pullout with Pax, Jear, and Tatie.

When I got there, ang aga padin! I wasted my time watching the students practice (I felt so old, haha)...And when I went to the restroom, na-coolan naman ako sa toilet functions hahaha! Ana: "Dapat pinindot mo lahat!"
Hahaha! Didn't try them, though, natakot ako baka kung ano ang lumabas sa toilet, hehehe!

Then the program started--lots of dancing, human beatbox, etcetera. It was a cool night, a…

[Deleted Scene] Harry Potter and the deathly hallows Part 1 : Harry & Petunia

Can't wait for Part 2, akk! Ang tagal pa! :P

Petunia: I have lived in this house for twenty years and now in a single night i'm expected to leave. Harry: They'll torture you, if they think you know where i'm going they'll stop at nothing. Petunia: Do you think i dont know what they're capable off?... you didnt just lose a mother that night at Godric's Hollow... i lost a sister.

I is for iPod

I am one of the rare, near-extinct (?) girls who doesn't have her own iPod. I still use my iPod Shuffle--the old version--and even that I didn't bought with my own money, but something I won from watching UAAP, haha! 
I do love music, but I think I got stuck with my "own generation" grooves, and some old tunes I came to love thanks to my dad (like the Beatles!). 

I don't know why, but most of the time whenever I see these cool teenagers wearing their iPod earphones while racing the streets of Manila, my thoughts will go "wow that kid looks cool". 
And whenever we go to a gathering or a casual event where we don't know anyone, to avoid the awkwardness, don't we just love to slip on the white earphones and drown to our own playlist--our own world--and then voila! We just made a "that kid is too cool for school" statement to the people around us without even knowing it.

As Nina Garcia's The One Hundred said: "What started out as a ut…