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Sunday, March 20, 2011

O is for Orange Nails, which I sported for the past exude good summer vibes!!!

X is for my beautiful X-Ray Skirt...An ukay-find unique dress made of layers and layers of tiered sheer cloth!
/ Studded Black Cover Up - my DIY!!! :) /
/ Dress - Thrifted / 
/ Thick Belt - Landmark / 
/ Booties - H&M /

Y is for a Yummy Dinner in Cibo Greenbelt 5--best shared with friends!

G is for Girl Bonding! Always riot with the girls!
 In between a sneak preview and even the chance to try out the beautiful clothes from Oxygen are kwentuhan and major good laugh with fellow bloggers PaxMelaiKrissyAvaVernAie

E is for Efficient Shopper!
I controlled myself from spending the gift cards immediately. In fact, I just used one card today (Sunday), and spent them not for myself by with my happy parentals. :)

N is for New Friends and New Finds!
Finally met the people behind Oxygen, like Ms. Carina! Thank you (and to Ed and Krissy!!!) for inviting us to the Exclusive Preview of Oxygen's F/W 2011 Collection! :) Definitely great clothes to look forward to!


Some photos are from Vern and Krissy, thank you.:)


  1. Oxygen is the only fasyon store we have in Bataan. promise.

  2. I like your nail polish, Ana! Lakas maka-summer! I hope to find a nail polish here na same shade :)

    Lee of Caffeinated Epiphanies
    [Lomo Camera/Bag+Connector Ring Giveaway!]

  3. wow i'm sure you enjoyed the event :)

  4. I really love your outfit Ana! Bagay sayo! =)

  5. love the shade of your nail polish :) and nice dress! :)

  6. Yay for Oxygen! Sarap magspend using GCs!

  7. Denise: I didnt know na taga bataan ka pala sis, what a beautiful place! :)) Hope i can go there minsan, love your photos palagi :)

    Lee: Hahahah ang cute!!! Lakas maka summer hehehe--thank you!!! :)) Meron yan for sure, cheap polish lang nga ito, bobbie ata pamagat hehehe... below P50 lang :D

    Hazel - yes it was fun thank you!

    Aie: Salamuch teh!!! :))) Syempre enjoy at andun kayo! :))

    Maria chuvachu love your name/alias! and thank you!!!

  8. Great post! :)

    Based on the title, akala ko naghhyperventilate ka na. =))

  9. Wahahahah Kalurkey! I am so poor in titles, sana content nalang forever, tapos ang title "Untitled" hahaha!


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