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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who can say no to a pampering party?

Last Wednesday, I went to the launching of Mary Kay's TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask and TimeWise Foundations with Krissy and Honey at the Makati Shangrila Hotel. It was a jam-packed cool afternoon event: 

They had me at "All-pink dessert & cocktails"! 
These pretty foods were served all-throughout our stay:

Strawberries!!! <3

Honey and Krissy's Favorite: I think they are sansrivals with a twist of strawberry flavor!

Even our drinks were pink! :D

"Those who show up, move up!" - Following the words of Mary Kay Ash, the hardworking people of Mary Kay Philippines mingled and had fun with us in that afternoon affair:

In one corner is the cute Design Your Own Cupcake contest! The winners went home with Mary Kay makeups! Super lucky!

The entries! Parang ang hirap kainin pag ganito ka cute ang cupcake, haha!

Honey's tower 2-layer cupcake! :D

Mine! Ang sipsip lang, nakalagay "I <3 MK" HAHA! :D
We ran out of the candy cake decors, but thanks to Jam for giving me the strawberry from her tart, haha! :D

The beautiful Ms. Weng hosted the short program on Mary Kay and introduced their new products:

Mary Kay's Country Manager Mr. Tente Alday:
"Mary Kay Philippines is the 30th subsidiary of Mary Kay inc. We began commercial operations in Mary 2000, and we are now proudly on our 10th year of helping women achieve personal growth and financial success."

The very sophisticated Ms. Crissie Camacho, Mary Kay's Marketing Director:
"We consider Mary Kay's TimeWise Foundation a skincare step, and not just a makeup. It has anti-aging formula, with good coverage, and available in 4 skin-loving shades suitable even for sensitive skin."

I don't want to divulge my skin's age, nakakahiya! :P Haha!

Ms. Vic Vic, who already tried Mary Kay's TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask, testifies on its beautiful effects to her face: 
"Mary Kay's TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask has anti-aging, skin renewing benefits even while you are sleeping."

After the short program, they let us go around the different beauty stations: 

We were treated with manicures from Posh Nails!

Can't decided on what color to apply!

Honey and Krissy enjoying their manicures:

I love my Pink Chocolate nails! :D <3

They also have facial massages:

...Makeup booths:

...And back massages! :)

Thank you Team Mary Kay for treating us like queens for that afternoon!

And to my girls, Honey, Krissy, and my college friend Jam who invited us...

Thank you for the great company! :)) 
Let the good times roll! ;)



  1. Ana, ang ganda mo! Nag muk-ap ka ba? I envy your skintone!

  2. Macarons!! Oh and I keep forgetting to check out their primer/mattifying cream.

  3. Ooooh those desserts look yummy!!! I'm such a sucker for sweets, specially cupcakes!

    Cheers darling?

  4. The event looks amazing!! I looove the food! :D

  5. wow you ladies were so lucky to have been invited and to be treated like royalties :)

  6. Ahhh the food <3 Haha! Looks like so much fun!

  7. Argie: WAH THANK YOU! Gusto ko yang term na yan, mukap! :D Hahahaa! Feel ko nagpantay lang skintone ko nun nag beachtrip ako! :D Akk thanks!!!

    Thanks guys, I love the sweets din, and the royal treatment! :) <3 Gotta love MK! :)


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