Privé Fashion Awards 2011 - Presentation of Nominees

Sunday, March 27, 2011

After the Mary Kay event last Wednesday, the on-the-go blog-girls Krissy, Honey and I went straight to our next  event with other bloggers at the Members Only. This elite high-end private membership bar and lounge is located at The Fort Global City in Taguig. Intimidating name, huh? But I really love the interiors of this super posh place!

Ms. Jenny Yrasuegi of Members Only welcomed us to this chill late afternoon affair with these delish dishes:

...with the last pic as my favorite: Vegetarian Maki!!! During our kwentuhans with the other bloggers, she found out that I've been practicing vegetarianism for 5 years, and told me I have to try this! Ang sarap! Just one of the many reasons to go back to Members Only! 

We also met Members Only co-owner GP Reyes. I like what he said about bloggers: That we are the new "best friends", the next big thing as we reach not only the local readers, but even international readers. After more chikas and getting-to-know-yous, Ms. Jenny presented to us the exciting concept of Privé, and the nominees for the fashion awards to be held this Wednesday (March 30)

Aside from Best Couture Design, the other categories are Best Bag Designer, Best RTW Designer, Best Jewelry Designer, Best Accessory Designer, Best Muse, and Best Production.

The Privé Fashion Awards is really something to look forward to. I am proud of the Filipino fashion scene and our local talents; the Privé Fashion Awards 2011 by Members Only, MEGA, and Channel [V] Philippines gives our designers their rightful recognition. I hope that Anagon Collection will be part of this in the future--goal in life! For now, good luck to all nominees!

The pretty and fashown bloggers who attended the presentation are The Plump Pinays Stacey and Danah, EarthHoney, Krissy, Kookie, and Ava. =)  

photo from ava

photo from krissy



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