My 30 (or so) Minutes of Fame

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

After eating our Wendys dinner (and my kape-for-energy) in Shang, MelaiAva, body guard Gersh, and I rode the MRT and walked to the house of Magic 89.9 (Walking distance lang kasi, diba JR? :) Haha! ;)) As blogged earlier, we were fortunate to be invited in Boys Night Out with Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Toni to talk about blogging.

I actually don't know what to expect from that guesting night, sobrang kabado ko lang coz the only time I dreamed of entering mainstream media / showbiz is just to join PBB, hahaha. Seriously, ako na ang pinaka mahiyaing babae sa balat ng lupa, hahahaha! So when you see me in person all-confident and self-assured, acting lang yun. Hehe! So I went nervouz-as-hell when I entered the studio and saw this:

Dun dun dun dunnnn!!! They're giving us the evil eye! Hahaha, just kiddin'!

The boys welcomed us in the sobrang-lamig-lang booth, and I was amazed with every technology and whathaveyous in it. The things that composed this famous radio station!

The no eating sign (kawawa ang napakadaming switches pag natapunan ng drink!) :

Neat hanging microphones:

 The "On Air" sign:

The snazzy headsets: (What is snazzy? Hahaha)

The photo copy machines, which I really have to take a photo with (hahaha jok)

And the swiveling chairs, and cool blue lights ;)

Oh, and of course, the BNO boys!
They're super spontaneous, cool, and funny! I ENJOY and love watching them work live! BENTA! And kahit hindi on-air, they never run out of things to say!

Couch area with Ava and Melai while waiting for our segment:

One more segment before we go on-air, so we tested our headsets and mic:

So, did you tuned in last night? :) 
I don't know how it went and how I sounded sa ere hahaha, but I sure did had fun! :D

As posted in my Facebook, Twitter, and all sorts of social networking sites na pinatulan ko (haha), sana binlog ko nalang thoughts ko hahaha! In short, parang natameme lang ako! 

But then, I love the experience (ayan na, I'm starting to blog na my thoughts that dapat nilabas ko kagabi hahaha....). It was a great opportunity for someone like me who started blogging just to serve as an outlet for my love for writing. To express my thoughts to anyone who cared to listen (or read). I don't have a blog role model when I began typing away my thoughts and posting lyrics of my favorite songs in Multiply back in 2005 (complete with glitter graphics headers and sound effects a, haha). The freebies, perks, and friends--I wasn't really expecting anything like these from blogging. 

...And, besides, it's not like every day you get to hangout with the BNO! ;)


PS: Thank you soooo much to all those who texted me while we were on-air! Mga winner kayo! Hehehe!

Nung di pa kami nakasalang:

Di kita kinalimutan a Aie! :)


Pero eto pinaka winner:
NAKAKAHIYA!!! Hahahahah!!! :D <3


  1. omg!hahah!when was this?parang ang saya!sayang wasn't able to listen :(

  2. Just last night, Nicole!!! :))) :D

  3. hahaha! I love it!!! kayo na talaga! Wag mo padin ako kalimutan kahit sikat ka na ah? =)

    Thanks for the greeting I was kiligggg!

  4. Hahahhaahah oo naman noh Aie!!! :DDD Ikaw din a, walang kalimutan teng! Heheheh!! :)) Thank youuu!

  5. weeeee power to the bloggers!! haha ang saya saya lang talaga! go ANAGON.TK!

  6. Eyvah!!!! Yes to more of thissss!!! :)

  7. Grabe parang nabubuisit ako sa pangyayare na hindi ako nakahabol but alam ko it was a great experience for you girls and kung masaya kayo, masaya na din akoooo!!! :D So proud of you!! Todo kinig kame ni Zee last night!! :)

  8. I tuned in too! Haha 8PM p lng naka headset n ko hehe,you girls sounded great! ^^

  9. Winner si dad! Nakikinig ang buong pamilya :)) Dapat niyaya na ang buong barangay! Love the feature. Bigtime naaaa!! Woohoo!! :)

  10. Hee! Congrats for being on air! :D

  11. Awww nasad din ako nun nag text ka honey!!! =/

    Ann thank you so much!!! Shet...What do you think?? Hope I made sense akk! Hahahaha!!!

    Megann...I know right, sobrang kulang nalang may tape recorder siya para ipost sa FB niya hahaha :D <3

    Skysenshi thank you so much, it was a great experience..story to tell indeed!!!


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