E is for Exotic Skin Bag

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

"The appeal of an exotic skin bag is that it will make you look instantly luxe."

I had this yellow exotic skin bag from waaay back 2008. I bought this priceless piece from my first ever travel abroad using moolah from my own pitaka (do you still use that term? haha!). Bangkok is THE house of the cheapest and prettiest bags! On wholesale tags! Marj and I went home from this trip with empty pockets and humongous luggages, haha! 

Gosshhh...Now I want to go back to Bangkok!!!

Anyway, I used the bag for Magic 89.9 Boys Night Out guesting awhile ago. I thought that my new sparklin' gold TOMS are Espadrilles! They are from my high school barkada Abi who now resides in the US--and I just got the light-as-clouds footwear yesterday, kaya atat nakong gamitin sila today!

The red hippie dress is a thrift store find (I love the sleeves <3), and my dream catcher necklace is another DIY. The color yellow just popped from the whole ensemble. A great investment bag, indeed. As Nina Garcia placed it on The One Hundred: "Grab your crocodile tote or a snakeskin clutch, and voila --you are the envy of women everywhere...It is assuredly unique, because the patterns, lines, and textures of the skin will never be the same."

Soooo, did you listened to our little public chit-chat awhile ago??? :D As tweeted:

 Ana Gonzales 
Had a great time guesting at Boys Night Out Magic 89.9.though i was speechless the whole time,sana binlog ko nalang thoughts ko hahaha :D

It was an awesome experience though with fellow bloggers Melai and Ava, and the makulit Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Toni. Definitely a story to tell! Will blog about the guesting tomorrow: how I made a complete fool out of myself, and why I was made for blogging nga pala and not the radio, hahaha! ;D

Other Es:
- Espadrilles
- Evening Gown


  1. I want to visit Bangkok again! I remember going crazy over the cheap items. We shopped at Chatuchak and this other night market which I forgot the name!

    I love the bag you got from Bangkok. Ang tibay ha. :)

    Sayang I wasn't able to listen to you guys!

  2. Hay, Beb! Kung malaki lang sana paa ko..kinuha ko na toms mo kanina pa!:)) Super had fun with you!! Cheers to more blogging success!

  3. Grabe the best talaga bangkok! Yes i love Chatuchak!!!! Ipunan na to haha! :D Thanks Ishna, naku nakakahiya so oks lang yun hehehehehe! :))))

  4. Harharhar!!! :D So may perks din pala ang pagiging Ms Big Foot hahahaha :D Thank you so much, and more of this! :))) <3

  5. I love your yellow bag! And I listened to the show, so proud of you girls! I am excited for tomorrow! :)

  6. Zee and I listened to the entire segment and sobrang kilig na kilig ako listening to your voices!! I miss you Ana!! Ako naman ang absent kahapon, ano ba yan!! Bawi next time ha!! So proud of you girls!!! :)

  7. Thank you Krissy and Honey!!! Miss ko na kayo! Hope to see you soon, kwentuhan niyo ko wajuthink hahaha...buti nakapakinig kayo! Mwah! :)

  8. Nakakakilig naman na namemention sa blog mo!! Love the Toms & Purse combo =]

    Na-excite ako lalo for April!!! Woohoo!! No working for 2 weeks!!!

  9. Hahahahah excited nako sa April din! :) Omg kelangan ko pala magsipag ngayon kung ganun! Hahahah!!! :D Thanks Abi, love the toms, gusto ko lahat ng shoes ko toms or sanuk lang,hahahahaha!


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