My Happy List

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


1) UCC Waffles

2) Looking back through my old blog

3) New Coffee Bean in UM (University Mall)

4) Getting a mail from my high school alma mater inviting me to be one of the featured successful Scholasticans!

And...5) Finally, we are a sure-go na to Dos Palmas, Palawan this weekend, with birthday girl Ana!!! :)))

Whenever I get stuck at home (by choice), wala pang 2 days, bored to death na ako. Instead of continuing with my room-cleanup (I want to change the look of my walls again! :P) or make the promised new Anagon accessories, I always spend loooots of time online. Like a stalker. Haha! Viewing whatever site that comes to mind, like today--I went back to my old blog and, like reading an old diary, I appreciate the things that happened to me only because na put-together ko na why they (good and bad) were meant to be experienced. I just hope the Chairman has greater plans for me. :D

Anyway, that's Adjustment Bureau hangover from last Saturday Movie Club!! :D Hahaha! I can't wait for this weekend! Instead of UCC or CBTL hangout, ang lamierda namin ni Ana sa beaches of Dos Palmas in Puerto Princesa, nakanamp. Haha! Never thought I'll ever go to that fancy resort!...Ever! Rico Yaaaan!!!

Tell me your summer kick-off plans!!! :)


  1. Dude grabe lang yung Adjustment Bureau!!! Cant get over ako.. Sobrang na-in love ako sa movie na yun..

    All time favorite ni zee ang UCC!!

    PASALUBONG from your trip!!! :P

    YOU SO DESERVE THAT FEATURE!!!! You've done so much na kaya!!! Congrats!! I'm so proud of you!! :)

  2. Hahaha!!! :D The best noh!! :))) Gusto ko din mapanood yun Unknown, parang ok din!!! :D Ay favorite ko yang UCC sarap tambayan, sarap pa ng iced coffee hehehe :)) Thank you so much a, sana worth it ako, but I said yes kasi "achievement" di siya! :) Hehehe! :))) Try ko makabili pasalubs kung mura, hahahaha!!! :D

  3. I love that the last part of this post is also kinda like my most recent post! Soul sisters! =D

    Congratulations on the feature, Ana! Super well-deserved!! <333

    Enjoy your beach weekend! Sana wag na umulan so you and Ana can make the most out of it! :)

  4. Dos Palmas? Hmmmm... Got the deal in ensogo no?! Hahaha! :D happy trip!

  5. Krissy: Sobrang I know right!!! When I was reading your post, sa isip ko magkawavelength talaga kami nito heheheh!!! thank you so much for congratulating me... nakakamotivate din yung feature to improve and yun nga strive harder!! Mag reraindance kami ni ana friday night hahahahah!!! :D

    Anonymous: Hello!!! :))) I am not sure if ensogo siya, but my friend booked us via DotCom International Marketing! :))) Medyo nahuli kami sa nice offers -- march 15 ang start nung "buy 1 take 1" ... Paalis na kami nun haha!!!
    Thank youuu!!!

  6. Hay andaya nga. There's CBTL na in UM eh wala naman dati nung tumatambay ako dyan. Wah. Hahaha!

  7. Oh wow! I used to go to Benilde and I always pass by these faces plastered all over the walls beside the gates of St. Scho!

    Is that where you're going to be? That's soo coooL!

  8. I love waffles and UCC. Kapag gusto ko ng coffee shop na hindi crowded, I got there or to Cafe Breton.

    Have fun in Palawan! You totally deserve a break. :)

  9. aww I love the happy post :) and wow, buti ka pa naka punta na sa coffee bean ng UM. Believe it or not, ako hindi pa!:))

  10. Skysenshi: Sobrang Iknowright!!! Ngayon pa n nagtanggal nako ng meet ups hahaha :D

    Michelle hahaha I am actually not sure where they will place me, but my face on their tarps... whoa sobrang di pa ko deserving nun hahahah :D Cory level na yun! :D

  11. Ishna: Ako rin! :) Kaya I prefer UCC dahil super comfy and hindi kasing tao ng starbucks hehe :))) Thanks so much!!!

    Thank you Beb! :)) Dapat GV lang palagi!! :D Baka super new lang din ng Bean!!! :D Check out mo super laki niya hihi...or weekend siguro kaya ang luwag! :D

  12. Hahahah kahit ako babi i wanna eat waffles na tuloy uli heheheh :DDD

  13. Ate, are you a fan of waffles? If yes, you should try Noriter's wasffles. :)

    Favorite poem ko 'yong Road Not Taken. Ginagawa ko rin 'yan minsan. I read my old entries tapos tatawa or ako na rin mismo mahihiya para sa sarili ko. Okay, share lang. HAHA.

    Enjoy the trip! :))

  14. Wahahaha ang cute nga e nadine, benta sharing i love it! :) Ako din ganyan minsan nahihiya ako sa nagawa ko, akk :P hehehe! bloopers lang! ay dapat matry ko yang noriter!!!! omg kelan wala nakong meet ups noh?? :D hahaha!! Thank you so much, excited nako sa trip! :))

  15. How much did that cost you? Seems like a really great package.


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