G is for Gentlemen's Hat

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Walking into a room with a man's hat on is much like walking into a room with sunglasses--it will attract and deflect attention at the same time. - The One Hundred

Completely forgot about this! Haha! :P Anyway, there are two Gs in Nina Garcia's book (the other one as Gloves), I chose the Gentlemen's Hat just because it is something I love to wear anyway (check out my growing hats collection).. especially on my meet up days.

Aptly worn during The Last Meet Up Day, and dinner/hang out with Pax and Melai...As blogged HERE.

photo from pax

Again, I felt trashy that day, itabi mo pa ako sa dalawang very summer fashionistas, haha! But I've never felt sooo comfy--thanks to my E-Heads Reunion Concert tee, black skinny jeans, and gold Toms.  The huge black Trunk Show bag is also perfect to carry all my panindas. Hehe!

A nice tip from The One Hundred on wearing a hat: "Commit to it. If you don't wear it with confidence, it takes away all the cachet." 

I just love hats that just can't take off...Because I feel incomplete when I do. Jughead Jones or Hey Arnold ba? Hehehe!

On a totally different note, will leave you with these...something I saw in Tumblr and Twitter,
Happy Women's Day! :) -

Marilyn Monroe’s thighs touched when she walked, when she sat down, her stomach sometimes rolled over her waistband, her butt jiggled when she walked, and these were her measurements:
Weight: 118-140 pounds
Bust: 35-37 inches
Waist: 22-23 inches
Hips: 35-36 inches
Bra size: 36D*
*her weight fluctuated throughout her life.
She wore dresses from sizes 6-10.
And she is still considered one of the most beautiful women.
Now, a lot of women aspire to be a size 2, not have their thighs touch, and not have any extra weight in their stomach.
Are women really doing it for themselves or society?

(Very empowering noh? :)) - Anagon)

 by heartbomb
Don't apologize for the light in your eyes. Let others put on shades if they can't take your rays! :) 

 The White Witch 

I may be an evil tyrant, but I still earn 16% less than Lord Voldemort or Darth Vader. 
Top Tweet

(Awwww.... - Anagon)


  1. happy women's day :)

    honestly, i don't like my thighs because they touch when i stand or walk. It makes me feel plump at only 88lb! Marilyn Monroe wouldn't mind hers even if she was alive today because her body is just perfectly proportioned!

  2. Weight: 118-140 pounds
    Bust: 35-37 inches
    Waist: 22-23 inches
    Hips: 35-36 inches
    Bra size: 36D*

    And she has cellulite! Yay! She's still so very beautiful. Although I agree with you...even I wish my thighs don't rub against each other. :(

  3. I love the hats you wear sis, they always look good on you! :)

    Ack I've always wished my inner thighs would touch >.< It's true nga na you always want what you don't have >.<

  4. Irene and skysenshi: truefax!!! yun din nga e, she's curvy, and confident, ganda lang :))

    Krissy thanks so much! I love hats, bahala na kung bagay o hindi hahaha :DDD :))

  5. OMYGOSH!! Marilyn Monroe's weight reached up till 140?? Wow.

    Oh and I loved the "Jughead Jones or Hey Arnold" line! 90's Nostalgia. :)

    I only have one hat and I have never had the courage to wear it out.

    Someday I will though.

  6. I don't think I'd ever get the courage to wear a hat. Parang they don't belong on my head? :))

    I tagged you!

  7. ahahha.. i tagged you din, Ana! :) want to see your handwriting. :)

  8. Ooooh I love it!!! I'll do the tag thingie din Michelle and Irene, thank you sweethearts!!!
    And oo I love Hey Arnold and Jughead hahahah :DDD


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