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Friday, March 11, 2011

"Para saan pa diba? Na naging kaibigan ako?"

My friend Chickie invited me to a simple affair last Wednesday. My ka-barx since high school is an Occupational Therapist or a teacher in the HELP Therapy Center/ SKILL BUILDERS Therapy Center--a school for children with learning difficulties, or social and educational needs. She also caters home schooling.

One of her home-school students, 26 years old Winnie, prepared an exhibit of the accessories she made--thanks to my friend's teaching program, and tons of encouragement. When I heard about this exhibition to be held somewhere in Makati, I gladly said yes!

Meet Winnie, and her family and friends who went in the exhibit:

My friend "Teacher Chickie" and her student Winnie:

Some of the items sold during the private sale:

Her mom and aunts also participated in the exhibit, making intricate works like these fancy kitchen tools:

I really love all the interesting details that come out naturally in an Indian household:

Don't you love what they made for their displays? :)

After awhile, we went inside Winnie's room to make more simple accessories. 
She said she has to make more as her works were sold out already!

Teacher Chickie wanted us to make simple stringed bracelets with rice beads...Of same color pattern! Ang strict ni teacher! Hehehe! :)

I made an anklet instead...because it came out a bit too-big for a bracelet! :P

...And gave it to Winnie. :) 
Congrats on your successful exhibit! :)

When we left, Chickie thanked me with a drink from Starbucks...which now has a neat new logo...Any thoughts on this change?
Dahil tomguts na, I also bought roasted veggies in foccacia bread. Ok naman, but winner parin SBC meals. :P

We also heard the Ash Wednesday mass with Chickie's bf Jopo at the Greenbelt chapel that night, and went straight to a meatless Shakeys pizza-and-mojos dinner afterwards. Still thinking about my Lent sacrifice this year...Share me yours!

I got a million and one thanks from Chickie that night for coming with her in the exhibit. I can't tell her enough how much I appreciate that she invited me to see that part of her life that not everyone in our barkada had the chance to witness. I finally saw what my friend does everyday-- for a living, and I am super duper proud of her. I admire my friend for her noble work, and I will continue being a stage friend for someone who, in her own way, makes a big difference to our world.

"Para saan pa diba? Na naging kaibigan ako?" - Anagon



  1. This is such a sweet post! :>

    What your friend does is amazing!

  2. wow she's amazing!:) Love all the accessories in the exhibit!:) Kudos! Dapat, ana may ganun ka rin!

  3. Super cute! I love you both! Hehe :) Come here so you can watch what I do for a living and be super bored. Heehee =P

  4. Michelle: thank you! i am proud of her for that, i know her job isnt easy, but it's something worth doing :)

    Ava: I know right! :) super inspiring!!! someday someday!!! :))) <3

    Abi hahahaha :D Benta!!! I wonder what youre doing dyan!!! Lalo si Icah, may "scientist" pa sa line of work hehehehehe!!! :D Interesting!!!


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