Things I now miss in Dos Palmas, Palawan:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

All the Hang-outs by the pool area:

Habang kuma-kape (sinusulit ko kasi unlimited) kahit tirik ang araw!

Pag sunbathing! Kahit si Ana lang yun, ako laging asa shade takot umitim hehe.

Hangout sa kubo by the BEACH!

Na super ganda ng view...

Stroll around the resort! At kahit we had no plans of using / availing them, at least we checked out the resort's many amenities and activity areas:
Souvenir Shop

Bikes you can use anywhere and anytime! (Kung marunong lang ako, boo. :P)

Tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. They also have indoor activities like table tennis, darts, board games, and foosball!


Function Room

Art Shop

We also played billiards:

Would you believe, first time ko lang itry to? Hahaha! Masaya pala! :D

Emote kung emote sa videoke during our first night:

Ops, pipikit na yan! Hahaha!
Pag labas namin, wala nang tao! Scary ang dilim going back to our house!!! :P

Discover Scuba Diving! Inclusive siya sa package, we can choose between that or pa-massage:

I think mas sulit yung scuba, because the rates are more expensive!

And it's not everyday you get to experience and appreciate the beauty of the water world!

We watched a video, practiced the basics in the pool area, before we get to really dive--with the guidance of a PADI-recognized scuba diving instructor, Kuya Manny!

Nung una, nadisorient pa ako when we were about to go and sink na underwater...So I had to signal our instructor a thumbs up sign (go back up again), so I can breathe in and out normally, orient myself as to what to expect (ang tanda ko na talaga, di na daredevil and ang dali nang umurong! :p)...And then after a few minutes, I told them "Let's do this!" And just went for it! 

Grabe, it was a fun and beautiful experience...One of the best I had here in Dos Palmas!

We also had a special "picnic lunch" in a private island! Again, inclusive in our package!

Kuya, preparing our lunch:

They served sooo much food! All to ourselves! Super sulit noh!

They didn't want to be usi, the kuyas just turned their backs from us! Ibang klase, I love the Dos Palmas people!

Tambay ng onti till 2...

Tried the hammocks, na hindi pala super comfy, noh? Haha!

Nag kayak din kami! :D Which was fun, ang lakas lang ng waves napapanic ako pag tatangayin na kami sa poles or in the different direction, hahaha!
Sayang wala kaming pics nun :P

We also tried the cheapest massage on our last night. 
So...Ang cheapest na nila is Swedish, which costs P1k padin. :P But masayang experience narin! 

Checked out the place in the morning, and we made our reservations for the last call time (10pm)

Sobrang benta lang na hindi ko akalaing hubad kung hubad massage iteych! Medyo naawkward ang conserbatib na si ako, hahaha! Sobrang laugh trip rin naman after, so oks lang!
Joke pa namin ni Ana wala kaming picturean during the spa hahaha, kalurkey naman yun! :D

Salabat after the good full body massage:

But I think ang pinakamamimiss ko is this:

Food trip forever! Buffet from breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Kahit wala nang point ang exercise ko pre-trip, sinulit ko talaga ang kainan! I will be blogging about the foods served to us throughout our stay in my next entry!!!! Super ganun kadami, it is meant for a separate blog post! :D

It had been a real vacation for me during my stay in Dos Palmas. Minsan diba sa trip mo sobrang nasstress ka pa you'll even say "I NEED A VACATION FROM THIS VACATION!" Haha! But in this case, it's super relaxing, and buhay donya, "this is the life!" lang ang masasabi ko! Although it left me now with empty pockets, isn't this the point why we work so hard everyday? To spoil ourselves even for just a few days! 

I miss you Dos Palmas! :P Best service and experience ever!


  1. Awwwwww ~ sarap naman. :)

    "isn't this the point why we work so hard everyday? To spoil ourselves even for just a few days!" = i super love these lines. :) na-inspire naman akong mag mega vacation din. :)

    looking forward to the food post!*^^*

  2. super kainggit!!! :) saya! I'll go there soon!

  3. That's totally awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanna try!

    Anyways, where do you buy wire for accessories?

  4. :) This post made me feel like I was on the trip with you guys!

  5. Abbie: Thank you! :) Although hindi siya the same for everybody, in my case, I'd work hard just to live the life after...Hindi panay ipon lang! :))

    Channie thanks! :))) Cant wait to hear your own vacations! :))

    Anon: Thank you! :)) Try national bookstore or carolinas ;)

    Michelle: Thank you so much! It's nice to hear that, isnt that the goal of every writers...and even akong wannabe writer? :) Hehe! :)

  6. Naku gustong gusto ko pumunta ng Dos Palmas. Yeah, there are times when we really deserve to reward ourselves after working so hard. :)

  7. Hi there! I'm your new follower, saw you from someone else's blog. :)

    I'm loving your blog, it's soo natural! Btw, where did you get your Dos Palmas package? I'd really like to try that myself. Parang paradise. Perfect for this vacation! Sana cheap lang, which I doubt. Haha.

    Thanks! :)

  8. Thanks skysenshi :) Sabi nga nila, all work and no play.... :))

    Bianca, thank you so much! :)) Welcome, hope you enjoy your ride! Hehe! :)) My friend booked for the two of us... I'll check travel agent niya... Pero kami P16K naspend for the 2 nights - 3 days na... Compared to Dos Palmas rates na P22K One night palang yun! :D

  9. Thanks for this post, Ate Ana!
    I actually felt more relaxed after reading and going through all the awesome photos :)

  10. Now I want my own getawat!!! :-( :-( Been stressed with everything. I miss you Ana! :-) Some of your stuff are still with me btw!!!

  11. Thank you so much Jez, that's so nice to hear :))

    Ef I miss you nadin!!! Lapit na break??? You deserve a vacation! :)


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