Celebrity Fashion Styling with Alyanna Martinez

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can we all just drop everything, and be students again?

How I wish. Everyday I feel the burden of "real world" responsibilities --I just want to go back in the confines of our safe, learning-is-fun, mistakes-are-ok, life inside the classroom. Haha! So I enrolled in SOFA Fashion Capsules: Celebrity Fashion Styling with Alyanna Martinez several months ago, not really to pursue a styling career. I just want to grab the chance to learn more. :)

So anyway...

Went to 55 Paseo De Roxas in Makati last Saturday to attend the one half-day styling class in the fashion school SOFA

I was kind of lost, and feeling "out of place" when I entered the school (must be the age? haha)...It was my first time to go to back to "school" again, and narealize ko how painfully shy I am (nga pala). Good thing I know Keigh from the recent F21 event (she was manning the registration for this class), and then the adorb Kisty, my fellow Kulasa and little sister batch, saw me in all my awkwardness in the halls (naks) and I asked if I can tag along her group. :) Whew, di na ako loner sa class! Haha!

SOFA intern Keigh :)

With new friend Jerrinah, and my fellow high school art club member (haha) Kisty! :)

This time, with Randz! :)
I love them! They are a great trio to hang around with in the classroom, sayang one day lang to! :)

When we entered the classroom...we saw this pile on our chairs:
Text books ba? Haha! 
Cosmopolitan Magazines, SM GTW lookbook and GC, flyers, Hairpieces, Vita Fede, Renegade Folk flyers/GCs, and a tube of Carmex lip balm (FTW!)

Nasabi ko tuloy, if only SOFA was an option na when I was graduating in high school! I would have enrolled here for "college", hehe!

Reviewing our "text books", baka may exams mamaya, hehehe.

When everyone was settled in their seats...

..."Good morningggg teeeacheeer!!!" Haha, joke lang! :D

A brief intro on SOFA and Alyanna Martinez

A guide aka class plan of what to expect that day. :)

I actually enjoyed the talk by Alyanna Martinez. She's super machika, it's more of like she's talking to a friend: casual, fun, quirky, and very open. She told us how she started in the styling biz, all her styling experiences from A LOT of fields (magazine, fashion shows, production, personal, advertorial, catalogue, etcetera). She's really super hardworking, someone I now officially look up to. :)

And while she's telling us her stories, the lessons/tips/tricks just sprout from them. :) I wasn't a bit bored; I love her and if this is actually a real class and school I have to go to everyday, styling class with Alynna Martinez will be one of my favorite subjects. :) Hihi.

Stalking mode inside the classroom! :D

Imagine a classroom with famous blogger and F21 ambassador Patricia Prieto in it...

Or you're "groupmates" on a project with THE Kryz Uy...

Where doll and blogger Tin Iglesias takes photos beside you! :D

And you seat a few chairs away from photographer extraordinaire Lyka Orhel! =) 

Hahaha, sorry can't help it! I was on full fangirling radar while listening to Alyanna, hehe! :)

Moving on, after the fun talk was the application part! :) Alyanna introduced us to pretty Ms. Diana De Castro of Hair Pieces extensions!
They gave away Hair Pieces to one lucky student...Congrats Tin! :D Super lucky!

Alyanna also showed to us her stylist kit. This portable "dressing room" is one of her "inventions", hehe!

Picking out an outfit from a rack filled with SM Girl Teens Wear clothes!

Patricia modeled for the on-the-spot styling!

Shoes from Renegade Folk! I love that brand. :)

Alynna's one-whole-maleta of ACCESSORIES! :D

Ms. Sharlene Tan of Vita Fede was also there, and they also picked one winner of their coveted accessory!

Without me noticing, 3 hours already passed by, so we ended the class with the "awarding of certificates"

Check out my notes:
May exams, teh?
Geek in me is still ah-live and kickin! Hahaha!

Pictures with some of my one-day classmates! :)

Christine of the Big Bangs Theory! :)

Camille, also of the Big Bangs Theory! :)
These cute cute girls were my "backmates", hihi! :) Hope I didn't blocked your view! :D Love them! :)

The other half of 11th of October, Sam! :)

With Alynna Martinez! :) Love her style. <3 Thanks Keigh for the photo! :)

I also got this cool pic with Kisty :) Polaroids are love! Sucha cool girl <3
Thanks seatmate! :) <3 

Showing off my print, hihi! :)

Thank you Keigh for this photo: 
Special thanks to Pax for choosing this printed wild top for me on our last Ukay trip, haha! :D
Skinny black jeans from Human
Shoes from The Pill (obviously my current favorite pair hehe)
Black bag from SM
Accessories from Anagon

Bagay pa ba akong student? Hehe! :)

Quotable quote: "You can't buy style, but you can hire a great stylist!"



  1. OMG!!! I'm sooo inggit!! Would LURVE to meet Tin Iglesias!!

  2. Hihi! :D May round 2 pa yan Mai!!! Watchout!!!

  3. I've always been intrigued about Alyanna Martinez, even when she was still with Preview.

  4. This is soooo cool!!! Why didn't I hear about this?

  5. oh my, i am officially jealous!
    thanks for blogging about it though.
    parang andun na rin ako, haha!

  6. I love this post!!! Btw, can I grab a picture? The one with the freebies on the chair? Thank youuuu!

    See you soon Ana :)

  7. It was a fun day girls! :) Really hope I can have a "next time" heehee! :)))

  8. That line's from The Roommate ba? Haha. I'd love to study din at SoFA someday! Sana may SoFA na noon pa. :(

  9. Twas nice meeting you Ana! And oh, it was Sam not Sarah:))

  10. Haha! It was Sam not Sarah :)) Nice meeting you! Btw, can I grab the pic? :)

  11. Nariese: HAHAHAH! Yes napanuod ko nadin yang psycho film, lovet!! :P Also my same wish and sentiments :P Back to school tayo next time! :)

    Hahahah Sam sorry! :D I tried to even check out your blog and accounts and vern's bday blog to see sino ba talaga yun nakausap ko hahaha, but I still cant identify the two of you from each other! :P Nice to meet you, go ahead grab lang!

  12. wow i just read this now! haven't had the time to blog about this yet. it's my finals week pa e! it was nice meeting you!

  13. nice! good to see your blog and hairpieces on your blog! :) more power! -


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