Dad's Birthday :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ok, so we have the weirdest "food decisions". Since I can't really give dad Innova or laptop or a trip to the Holy Land right now, he asked me to pay for his "birthday bills". And I asked where he wanted to eat...He said he wants Shakeys! :D

Like on my grad day (college graduation!), while everyone will go for fine dining post commencement exercises, when the family asked where I wanted to celebrate...I said MEXICALI! :D Haha! I knew my sisters were disappointed, hehehe!

While waiting for our mojos and pizza...

Dinaan sa tubig..

I love mojos. :P Kahit I know this will all go straight to my waist and tighs, hahaha. :P Boo!

Tiis ang pamilya sa garlic and cheese, pag kasama ako hehehe.
No photo of the manok, bias ako, hehe.

Spot the...

...Difference! :D
Clue: Cea. Heheheh!

Aside from Shakeys, dad also requested for a WHITE CAKE. :D Weird lang ng wish! :P
So ate bought this banoffee pie from Sweet Confections. :) Whipped egg white daw yung icing.

"Happy birthdaaay to youuuu".... (si ate nag solo sa pag kanta, haha)
Check out show sa tv, Mara Clara ftw!

Mom and dad. :)
Days ago, I asked dad for his age, and he said 59, so I answered with aaaaahhh.. And he said, "Naniwala ka??!!! Mukha na ba akong 59!!!" Hahahah!

For my outfit, super special thank you to The Maria Chuvachu Shop! I love my floral top from them, it's so easy breezy, yet stylish. :)

Eye Glasses from Star Finder (Festival Mall)
Floral Top / Dress from The Maria Chuvachu Shop
Shorts from Gap
Shoes from Australian (Dept Store)
Bag - gift from Cea 
Necklace - Anagon Collection

Cute ni Piatoz aka Yating, our lovable askal. :D

Have a great weekend, loves. :)


  1. hahaha panalo talaga yung blog mo anagon. such character!! your character shines through, para lang tayong naguusap (pero one way nga lang haha!). basta natutuwa ako basahin everytime :D :D favorite ko yung askal shot hahaha!

  2. I looooove the bag you're using!! Super cute!

    And ganyan din ako, kahit may okasyon, McDo parin! :))


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