The first outfit post:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Fashionista Commuter's first outfit post (hehehe):

While commuting...

When I reached Soak Swimwear private sale...
Looking back, I think I'd like to go back to this blog format...(How and why I started this blog, anyway). What I wear when riding the jeep or bus, and how I transform to a whole new look when I reach my event or gimmick or work. :D Also, I am planning to have a "spotted" thingie...Much like The Satorialist or The Facehunter...But photos of fashionista commuters na makasabay ko sa jeep, sa pag tawid, or pag balance sa train. Hehe. :)

"And besides, fashion is for everyone, and to borrow and alter Soak Swimwear’s tagline, the street is my catwalk. ;-)"

When you check out the bottom button in this blog, you'll see that 12 days from now, The Fashionista Commuter celebrates its 2nd birthday! :) Watch out for our birthday blowout, made possible by:

You're the best!
Hope you are all as excited as I am! :)))

PS: Still open for sponsorships! :) The more the merrier, for my lovely readers and friends! :))


  1. ano ba route mo Ana baka pwedeng umarte na di ko alam na you're doing ninja shots for your 'spotted' post habang naka gown ako with matching tiara while balancing meself sa LRT/MRT.

    amen to your plans! :)

    andaming sponsors, weeee. this blog's on partey-partey mode :D

    and oh, is this your dreamcatcher necklace i saw on Alyanna M? I know naging teacher mo sya sa SOFA workshop, right, so i thought...

  2. Super thanks for this post, Ana! I also commute and I'd get a lot of stares (lalo na sa tricycle drivers!!) when I wear something... well, something different from everyone else's clothes. Now I have an idea what to do hehe. :)

  3. Oooohhhh I'd love to see outfit posts like those!

  4. wow, sounds promising! excited :) and great transformation! :)

  5. Argie: Wah! :D Not mine though! :D Cooooooollll.... :D And benta yun party party mode, weee hahahaah, and yun spotted in tiara and long gown ba, hahahaha! :D

    Claire: Thank you so much for affirming, sana magawa ko na siya! :) Wanna go out there tuloy and spot fashionable people! :)

    Thank you Michelle and Sarah, excited ako! :)


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