Manila Bulletin Styling Gig

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last March 27, I met A LOT of beautiful and talented people in one place when I assisted in styling for a Manila Bulletin summer feature. It was a perfect day with an awesome-sauce venue (Dusit Hotel in Makati), and accompanied with such a great team! I always thank the Lord for opportunities like this where I can learn and grow in the hands of people who are reallyreally good in their crafts. What a blessing! :)

The Output:

April 16, 2011, Manila Bulletin Life Style Section

Cooling System: Fast Strategies For Hot Days

My new "high end" brand ANAGON's first mainstream exposure:

Super thank you to Marie, the model, and Jear, the stylist! :)

And of course, KUDOS to ALL the people behind this fashion feature! :) GOOD JOB GUYS! And what an honor to be tagged along with your names! :)


Special pa sa special thanks to Aisa Pax Ipac for inviting me to this shoot. I don't know how I can ever repay you for giving me these opportunities and experiences that money can't buy. I love you, and I know you'll go places for your generosity and big heart!


  1. i totally agree with your last paragraph! sobrang thankyou kay mommy Pax. :") nakakaiyak ung gerosity nyaaa. di ko din alam pano babawi. huhuhu

  2. Babawi tayo Tatie sa Bday ni Mommy Pax, magpapa surprise party tayo for her! Bwahahaha :D Lovet, cumocomment ka na weee!!!

  3. congrats, Ana! :) more of this successful styling gigs to come your way! :)

  4. woooooow! congrats ana! :D more to come :)

  5. The photos look amazing!!

    Great job! Congratulations!!

  6. Ang bongga ng necklace naman! Im happy for you Ana! =) this is eeeet! it's you already really! lol!

  7. well done with your efforts :) it looks great! x

  8. Grabe lang yun mga mowdels... SILA NA ANG SEXY!!! Lol.. And congrats Anagon!!! :D Miss you!!

  9. yes yes! sana lang di nya mabasa ung comment mo para surprise parin. hahahaha tagal pa pala bday nya, matagal na preparation to! bongga!

  10. sana birthday ko na *i wish i wish i wish* bwahahaha baliw kau ni tatie!!!:) labyu gels. im so lucky to have worked (and will still continue to work) with you!:)

  11. Irene, Smarla,Liezyl, Michelle, Aie, Francesca, Honey: SUPER THANK YOU GELS! :D Heheheh, I super appreciate this! To God be the glory! :)

    Tatie and Pax: HAHAHA!!! Excited nako pumarty hehehe, kalurks! Ok kayong kawork, kasi may time pa mag Fusion, kulang nalang mag sine din hehehehe :D


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