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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Barx Resorts World, April 16.
Watched Rio with Ana in Rockwell, and had dinner with Barx in Resorts World.

We dined in Krazy Garlik, before they went partyin' in Republiq.

I wasn't dressed for clubbin' that night, so Ana and I just had coffee in Glorietta UCC and then went home. Haha! But I love my 3D shirt, thanks to Penshoppe! :)

Nope, I didn't bring the 3D glasses that came with this P500-only-shirt! :D It would have been funny if we watched Rio on 3D or something while I have this tee, benta siguro hehehe. Not into 3D films though, hindi lang dahil mahal, nahihilo ako and sumasakit nose bridge ko, hehehe!

Marj's Med Graduation Lunch @ her house, April 18.

Marj's family :)

Trying out Marj's funky grad hat, haha :D

We also watched Mitch's graduation video, siya naman nag grad sa Law School. I am proud of my friends!

4S Reunion, Conti's GB, April 18.

High School Classmates!!!

I missed my high school classmates, 4S! The table was too big, I can't hear all the stories of everyone who attended. I reallyreally want to know what's happening na in their lives already. Imagine, sila na ang "kababata" ko...It has been, what, 7 or 8 years since we were in high school. Sigh!

I heard a repeat is coming... Can't wait to see everyone again! :)


Issues are piling up these days, and I am not a bit prepared. Tough times and rough roads, but The Beatles said it best: that I'll get by with a little help from my friends. Went to Marj's grad lunch awhile ago in her house, along with other Barx Geo and Fred, Abi, Tamems, Bodz and Zac, and Mitch. :) I missed going to Marj's house, when she wasn't busy yet with med school, palagi ako nandoon! Congrats doc, and good luck sa "what's next"! 

Spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with Tamems, and then Abi, Mitch, Marj (I missed them!!!)...and when it was time for dinner, we headed to Greenbelt to meet with my high school classmates! The get-together was planned for Abi in the FB page of SSC 4S, but we wouldn't know about this if not for Abi that morning! Haha! Tech glitches! :P

Anyway, I don't know what to expect in the coming fact, I am actually scared. But I am just thankful to God for giving me real friendships. I don't know what else is there that will make a really bad day right side up. Thank you Barx and 4S! :)

I am just thankful that the Holy Week will give me the time to stop, breathe, reflect. To rethink, and maybe, focus more on the positive side of things. As said in last Sunday's FEAST: If you have a thousand problems, you also have a million blessings. :,) Have a blessed Holy Week guys!



  1. Ang fun ng post na toh. And tama. Pag nanonood ako ng 3D films, yung sakit ng ulo ang binabayaran ko. =)))

  2. you really look like a happy girl. and you always smile :)

  3. looks like you are having such fun with your friends :) nice post.

  4. Thank you Michelle, Reina and Lala :) <3


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