N is for Nail Polish

The One Hundred by Nina Garcia says that: "Nail Polish should go extremes. Always."

If you've been reading my blog for quite some time already, you'll know how much I just love nail polish! Mood, outfit, it or trendy color...I change the color of my tips every time I have the chance to do so! Ang hirap lang magpatuyo, noh? Hehe!

Wore this emerald shade for my Bora trip with the Bullies, courtesy of Coca Cola, Cinema One, and Candy. I don't know why I chose this bottle of P33 Glaze Emerald Bobbie nail polish over all the gazillion colors in Robinsons Department Store, but I guess when I bought this shade kasabay ng pag release ng Borgina Preview Magazine cover. :)

Sweet sweet vacation. <3

Oh! And Nail Polish is the only N in the book, so no choice, haha. :P

I miss the Boracay sands "tickling" my toes. Haha! :)
Sigh... Bora Part 2, come quickly, but don't end too fast! :)


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  1. Thank you Aie! :)) Miss na kita sis!!!

  2. I have this shade too, but I find it too sheer, I have to put on 3-4 coats. Fellow lacquerhead! :)

  3. Ako rin! :))) 2-3 coats for this! :D

  4. Oo, mahirap nga magpatuyo. :))

  5. Hahaha di rin naman ako nag bubuy nun quick dry hehe :D


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