Second Day aka Last Day

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Since we only have 2 full days in Boracay (still antok and tired to do activities on our first day, then our flight on Sunday was at 8ish in the morning) we made sure to make the most out of our second day. Nag jojoke pa kami "Shucks last day naaa!!!"--as if ang tagal na namin dun, hehehe. 

We had our breakfast as early as we can (hangover si ako lang naman, hahaha)...

There were so many people checked in Bora Regency, summer na talaga! We were placed in a table na medj malayo sa buffet table, that I used all my skillz to carry as many food in as many plates as I can, hahaha. Tamad bumalik!

After breakfast, we changed into our pang-swim/pang-activities attire. Yup, nag breakfast kaming naka pembehey. Hehehe.
I admire the locals, sila talaga nanindigan with the No Smoking within the vicinity of the beach Rule.

Saw our hotel in the next few weeks! Excited nako Barx!!!

So after much negotiation and pakipot pa and we'll think about it acting...We finally gave in to Kuya's offer of P1200 per head for 30 minutes of Helmet Diving and and hour of ATV.

First agenda: Helmet Diving! My pretty girls on our boat ride to the site. :)

Kung maka stretch naman ako ng legs, haha! :P

At the diving site. This photo is courtesy of the Kuyas...inclusive siya sa P1200/head package, and video coverage underwater!


Ana, huhulihin mo yun fish? Souvenir? Hehehe.

Wumawild si Tamems! Hehehe!

Ok, pademure 'syado. Hehehe!

We love the fishies! Hahaha!

After 15 minutes lang siguro, we don't know what else to do underwater. Ang awkward niya coz we can't really stroll around, since may nakakabit samin na tube connected sa taas. It's easier though to breathe, compared to scuba diving experience in Dos Palmas, since normal lang kahit sa nose pwede. Plus we don't have to swim, mabigat yun helmet which kept us underwater. It was something to experience, but I don't think I'll repeat this again. Nahilo hilo sila Ana at Tamems after, malakas pala ang current sa taas, di lang namin naramdaman.

Haaaay...Sarap kumain ng fish after, hahaha! Jok!
Buffet lunch again in our hotel.

After resting and settling a bit in our hotel room, and si Ana nag cup noodles pa dahil nadizzy sa Helmet Diving, we went out again for the ATV! Kaya pa ba? Kayang kaya!
We reached the site via tricycle na. Alam ata ng guide namin na pagoda na kami, hehehe.

An instructor showed to us what we will expect and sites we will visit.

Check out our cute pink helmets! Hahaha, kikay lang!

I don't drive, and I have the poorest body coordination and strength (haha), but I made it to the first site! It was fun, actually! Mag ATV nalang kaya ako sa city, wag na mag aral mag drive! Hah!

Aviary Farm, where we have to pay padin P60 entrance. :P

Creepy bat haha.

It was actually a birds farm, but mas naCUTEan ako sa doggies! :D Eeee!!! Golden Retrieverrr!!!

Hello 2-face!!! :D

Love you! So cuuuute!!!

Another round of driving and feeling angas na motor girls minus the leather jackets (Hehehe)...We reached the 2nd site:
Tanawin View Point, we had to pay again P50. :P

Nothing much to see, but it's a nice place to hangout.

...And take pictures! :)

When we got back to our hotel area, we decided to take a few minutes more to swim, takes photos, and enjoy Bora for what it really is: A beautiful beach with the best white sands. :)

Cute baby!!!:D

That night we attended the Cinema One Beach Screening of Here Comes The Bride, which I'll blog about next. :) It was fun and a super sulit day, don't you think? :) 

Big thanks to my Bullies, I love you guys. :) <3


  1. im so inggit sis..hehe..
    never been to bora..
    and i really miss the beach :)
    can't wait till december..

  2. Sobrang galing!!! Super happy for you sis! ♥

  3. Great post!!! Nung nagbora kami, Dune Buggy ang pinadrive samin. Hindi ATV. Kailangang may license talaga para makadrive! Katakot! =))

  4. Jolly days... :) Ang cute! Like your swimsuit...haba ng legs mo di magkasya sa hindi mo ma-fully extend knee mo LOL.

    Fave photo in this post: The Tanawin View Point Pic where you're all seated. pang close up yung smile mo dun.

  5. you make me miss bora! this post was so funny and that picture of you with the bat! priceless! haha,i couldn't make out if you were smiling or petrified. i wanna try that underwater helmet thing. never done it :)

  6. Aww. Saya ng photos! :) Ana! Recommend ko sa'yo yung tourguide namin lagi sa Boracay. Super bait niya. And if you're planning to do some activities ulit sa beach, super mura niya lang ibibigay. Like the helmet diving, we only paid mga Php500 each lang yata. :) PM ko sa Facebook yung number niya.

  7. you are just the most entertaining blogger ever, ana. parang kasama mo narin kaming readers mo every step of the trip. =P lalo akong nagccrave ng beach ngayon, haha!


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