P is for Pearl Necklace

Monday, April 11, 2011

GS Wired Heads, Strings of Pearls Necklace, and Bow Ring from Anagon Collection
Audrey Hepburn Top/Dress from Archive Clothing
Bag from Dooney and Burke
Net Gloves from Robinsons Department Store
Shoes from Toms

Went out like an Audrey Hepburn rockstar-slash-drag queen (hehe) for Bloggers United meeting and Krissy's Surprise Birthday Dinner. I love my Audrey Dress/Top from Pax, kahit black yan and long-is-leeves and summer tanghaling tapat, pinanindigan ko yan. Hehehe! Sabi nga, when you really have to wear black on a summer day, just keep it short!

"But if you wear pearls in a precious way or take them too seriously, they lose their cool. You have to get creative and don't let 'em get too snooty." - Nina Garcia, The One Hundred

Days are getting shorter, I feel like wala akong matapos-tapos. If matapos ko man, I feel unappreciated if not, parang mali parin ginawa ko. Oh most be just one of those days. Hell month ba. Haha! But don't worry about me, there are days which aren't that bad. :) Will work superduperharder! Hope everything's doing well for YOU! :)

Other Ps:
Pencil Skirt
Plain White Tee
Polo Shirt
Push-Up Bra


  1. I love how a pearl necklace can instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit, and depende sa pagkagamit, may touch of quirkiness din. This outfit is actually one of my favorites of yours sis, natuwa naman ako na you wore it pa on my birthday! I really love our picture of you wearing this and me wearing my "mature" Oxygen dress and Anagon layered crucifix necklace :)

    We always have hell months/ days. I hope yours ends soon! See you soon Ana bonding tayo uli ah! :)

  2. Hihihi love that pic din sis! :) Hay thank you so much, hay...hoping for the best nalang... happy days ahead im sure :)) Mwah! Missyou!


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