O is for Old Concert T-Shirt

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"There are few things cooler than an old, overworn shirt from a concert by the Stones, the Strokes, the Beatles, and the Killers, etc. Every girl has definitely owned a shirt from her favorite band (or bands).." 

"How-Zever, under no circumstances should anyone wear a shirt from a band they do no listen. Very, very uncool....That's the rule. Follow it, and rock it."

"These shirts are best when bought at an actual concert. The best fashion pieces come with a story. Authenticity is everything."

All quotes from Nina Garcia's The One Hundred.
Wore my Eraserheads Final Set shirt during the Penshoppe Luncheon.
Wired Heads and Peace Necklace from Anagon Collection, Denim Vest another DIY, The Pill wedges, and fringe bag from HK. :)
My Ate actually bought the tee days after the concert in an online shop.
Watched the concert with fellow blogger Krissy. :)

Namimiss ko naman uli yung ganito! :P

Halikaaa, tikmaaan ang laaangiiit!

Other Os: 
One Piece Swimsuit


  1. Nandun din ako sa concert. :)) Sayang! Bitin! :))

  2. awww ang cute ni krissy!!:D i love your concert look nung penshoppe, beb!! lalo na yung shoes!! wah super want ko :(( shopping ban.waa

  3. I'm inspired, gusto ko na din mag-post tungkol sa band shirt! :)


  4. Michelle: True!! Bitin and nakakasenti lang!! :D

    Ava: Ang nenene namin noh hahaha! :D Wah for shopping ban hay :P hehe! I want pa naman another wedges :P

    Nix thank you! Go post ka din! :)))

    Sarah: my ate bought this online, i wonder if they still sell this :)) yey for eheads!

  5. A T-shirt reflects the one who wears it because you are what you wear.


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