To the man of my life...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011

Dear Daddykins,

Sorry if you have to carry all my busog luggages, humongous boxes, and pointy maalikabok racks when I have my bazaars; and timing naman na you're wearing pa your neat, executive-looking, pang-office polo...

Sorry if I have to text you pa in the middle of the night when there's ipis in my room near my door, just because I can't go out!

Sorry if nagtampo ka I didn't choose you for the free trip in Boracay with 2 friends, it's for Candymag kasi and they are expecting I'll be accompanied by my girl friends... :P

Thank you for always taking me to vegetarian food trips, kahit pag labas ng bill, ako din naman shoshoulder for you. :)

Oh! And sorry if always snatch the bag of chips when you're attempting to eat a lot of unhealthy MSG. I just care for you. :)

Thank you for the crazy times and antics with the family, we always have a great laugh with you!

Thank you for the bonding times, talks on business, on health, travels, music, yoga, religion, dogs, or whatever we can think of.

And although when I asked you for your wishlist, you replied with the unreachable: "Innova, Laptop, and a trip to the Holy Land".... :D Haha!

Dad just loves gadgets! Di na tumingin sa camera for picture, haha!

But because I love you...I tell you that someday I'm going to give you EVERYTHING from your wish list, and even more. Because. You. Deserve. It.



  1. aaaw ang bait mong anak ana :)

  2. Dont we just love our dads. :) <3

  3. awww, love this post! your dad seems so sweet and perfect! happy birthday to him! best wishes and love all year round :)

  4. so sweet of you ana...i really enjoy readin ur blog :D

  5. That's so sweet! Happy Birthday to your dad!

  6. honestly naiyak ako sa post mo... naalala ko papa ko how he's also been there for me eversince... even until now... happy birthday to your dad!

  7. I had to comment, Ana.

    Tawang tawa ako sa second picture. Napapakamot nalang yata tatay mo kapag may pinapabili ka! heheeheh

    What a cute post awwww!!!

  8. Sweet sweet sweet :,) Happy birthday sa Daddykins mo, Ana! <3

  9. You're soooo sweet. :) I love this post. Happy birthday to your dad. :)

  10. Such. A. Sweet. Post! Happy Birthday Daddy Anagon! :))

  11. Thank you guys in behalf of my dad, naks! :D haha! Had a delish dinner awhile ago, ang special request niya take note Shakeys :D hahaha!

  12. this made me tear up. a little. (haha)

    you guys are truly a testament on what a great father he is. :)

    happy birthday to Tito! :) haven't seen him and your mom in a long time, please send my regards!

  13. Thank you Rose! :) Sending your greetings to dad !!! :))))

    Shapewear: Thank you so much! :) <3


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