Bloggers United 1: Thank you Sponsors!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sponsors
Thank you so much for all the support, and for all the goodies and programs you've prepared for our bloggers, readers, and guests. I know it's cliche to say this but really, Bloggers United will not be like this without you! *tears*

Giving away snacks and drinks from Oishi, Vitamin Boost, Sonja's Cupcakes, and goodie bags from ETC, Lay Bare, Maybelline, FabriChild, CloseUp, Kotex, Tomato, Payless, IZZO, Ichigo, Cyleina, and all our other sponsors were part of what kept me running around The Malayan in my wedges last Friday! :)

At THE Denise Katipunera's booth! :)

With Ms. Kim of Close Up

Drinking my Vitamin Boost later that day, kelangan ng energy refill, hehe:

Ava's Loot Bags! (thanks Beb for the photo :))
All the bloggers went home really happy!

Our Close Up fun booth:

With one of our volunteers, Den, we got first dibs of CloseUp's photo booth right after they set it up!

Next was with Beb Ava and Twin Sis Reg:

One of the few photos I have in this event, hehe! :P

Sonja's Cupcakes booth was next to my mom's. So I got to check on ate and kuya from Sonja's a lot of times. My mom did a lot of PR stuff too in this area where lots of sponsors and food concessionaires where situated. Go mommy! Hehe.

The bloggers and guests love the free mini cupcakes! :P Unlimited Sonja's Buffet ang tema!

Also right next to my mom is the Lay Bare booth. I didn't know they have free eyebrow shaping/threading there, sabi lang ni mom! :P Nagpaayos pa sana ako ng kilay in between the pressures, hahaha.

The registration booth girls! Thank you Gela and Charles for all the hardwork! It was great to work with you both! :) <3
Ang gaganda naman ninyo hanggang huli! :)

Along with other people I had to meet in our entrance/registration booth is Sir Christian Hortaleza of Hortaleza company and Cyleina! Thank you for all the organic soaps!

Bloggers LOVE Cyleina! :)

Nuat Thai was also in our registration booth:

I am sure everyone needed a Nuat Thai massage after the bazaar! Hah!

Fun booths inside the conference room courtesy of Maybelline and Posh Nails:

Free nail polish service at the Posh Nails stall:

Kate Torralba X Paperdolls Booth:
They were actually the first sponsors to arrive few minutes after I arrived The Malayan! They also carry Vitamin Boost. 

Maybelline, Chictopia, and MEG.
MEG gave away these magazines during the event! :)
And I think they had

The cool STATUS Magazine was also there!

John Robert Powers gave their all-out support for Bloggers United!

AUDIOLINE was our lights and sound sponsor! Thank you for all the equipment we needed to make our program succesful!
Flashed in the screen is Spot.PH! Summit Interactive supports Bloggers United. This includes Spot.PH Style Bible, and!

I love Ritratohz photo booth! :) Super cute pa ng border: BU Poster c/o Edrick! :D

Again, I can't thank you all enough for supporting our first ever event! Pax, Melai and I are grateful to these companies and people who made our event possible:

Media Sponsors:,,, Fashion DepotETCMeg MagazineStatus & Manila Streetstyle

I am sure that a "part 2" is coming up, and I hope you will all still be part of our event! Thanks for making Bloggers United a success, dearest sponsors!
Till the next! :)


PS: By installment ang BU post! Haha, I don't have lots of photos, but lots of things happened during the event! :) A lot of thank yous had to be sent out, and I'll try my best not to miss anyone! And in every post I'll end with: To God be the Glory! All for You! =)


  1. I was there! It was such a fun event!

  2. I was there but was sooo shy to approach you. :)

  3. Michelle and Miles! :) I hope I can meet you both next time!!! :) <3 Thank you for being there and supporting BU!!!

  4. Oh Ana I was there too!!! but wasn't able to take a photo with you=)


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