Converse Block Party!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It was post-Bloggers United, and the day of Tamems' birthday celebration, but still, I dropped by the Converse Block Party last Saturday to check out the event one of my closest friends from college Jam co-organized.

Jam and partner Jason, at work!

I tried to go there as early as I can so I can bond with Jam pa. We stayed at the registration booth for media people for some chit chats. I love seeing my super sipag friend in action too! :D Go Jam!

With the other half of J&J Team...Jason! :) 

Jam then handed me these food stubs, and I got it that this event is like a mini fair :)

Some of the food stalls: Hotdog On Sticks and Chow King!

We walked around the area to check out the different cool booths brought to us by Converse in the Mall of Asia Music Hall:

Graffiti Galore!

Looks fun! :) Namiss ko Art Club high school days ko, hehe! :)

People lined up for the photo booth:

Hey Mr. DJ! Stage area for the sounds and grooves!

The Philippine All-Stars, Krumpinoy, Callalily, and Gloc 9 also performed later that day.

In this casual event, anyone can just go inside the activity area, and play a mean game of basketball! There were pros who arrived later that day, sayang di ko naabutan kung sino, haha!

Finally! Ate May and Krissy arrived! :) We previewed the other activities and fun booths...I wonder what they were checking out:

Cool! Artists designing Converse cut-outs! We can bring our own shoes din pala para macustomize, sayang!

I love it! I wish I can paint in one myself! :) Heehee!

A 3D booth! May ongoing show, but I wasn't able to watch na because of time constraints hay. :P

Converse Box Giant Chair! Hih!

I love CHUCKS! :)

Photo ops galore with Krissy:
photo from ate may

And Ate May! :)
photo from ate may

Jam-packed! :)

We also spotted a Converse stall set-up:

Of course I have to have my...
Top 5 Picks:

1) Will forever be in love with gray:

2) Converse High Tops always have this "too cool" factor...and the comics print is a plus! :D

3) High Top na, checkered pa. <3

4) I can't choose what color for this faded low cut Chucks is the best, I love them all! <3

5) Last but not the least: The newspaper-iy sneaks! <3

Gusto ko nito! :P

Hang out for a few more minutes with the girls...
photo from ate may

Great to talk with my blog sister Krissy post Bloggers United. :) Thank you talaga for always being there for me. It's cool too that we were both wearing our black hats--although of different styles! Sa akin bowler, Krissy wore her boater hat! :) Swap! Haha!

It was a fun and laid back afternoon, much like the brand Converse. This event then became a perfect venue to catch up with my friend Jam. Thank you for inviting me, nakapagusap din tayo outside of Facebook (hehe). :) 

Inspired by the Fourth of July Block Parties in the US, Converse brings an entire community together for an entire day of street games, basketball-skateboarding-and-dance exhibitions, musical performances, and the chance to win fun prizes. The Converse Block Party is a celebration of unity, friendship and camaraderie...dissolving barriers and getting people to gather together. That's where Converse's "street cred" comes from.

Of course, Jam and I were in our favorite Chucks! :)

The Converse Block Party is one of the perfect send-offs, last hurrah of my summer. Summer 2011 may not be the best summer because of all the "glitches", but still, Converse goal is to celebrate FRIENDSHIP and MEMORIES, LIFE and FREEDOM. So yeah, cheers to all of that! :) <3


  1. FUN!

    I love the newspaper sneakers too!! I want one of those!

  2. Hihihi thank you Michelle! :D Ang cute noh!!! :))

  3. sayang hindi tayo nag abot :( jam said you just left when we arrived. was not able to talk to you last BU din. you were running around e & looking for something or someone, busy mode kayo, haha! maybe next time! :)

  4. As Bestie suggested during the Bloggers United, we should do a closet swap! That would be funnnn! <333

    Saka I'm just so happy that you're already out and about! See you tomorrow sis! =)

  5. Jen: Awww sayang!!! Sorry sorry, but yes sa next event na participating lang ako! :)) See ya!!! :)

    Krissy: Cute nga yun!!! Ibang activity hehehe :D Yey!!! Hay happy din ako sis na kawala na uli and full sched hihihi :) Hello world ang tema! hahaha!!!

  6. Top pick ko rin yung grey with purple details! kase madali bagayan ang grey + i have a lot of purple stuff in my closet! hehe. Thanks for supporting J&J events blogger friends! hahaha!

  7. Wow you all looked cool during the event! Like your chucks!

    Sayang wala na kayo doon when Jen and I arrived. Dumating si Ava later on so it was cool! The weather though was really freaky! hehe.. but it was a good event!

  8. Jam: Thank youuuu namiss kita! :)))

    Kai: Thank you so much! :)) Yes it was a great event despite of the weather! :))


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